A Cinema Experience at Home

One of the experiences I have really missed during lockdown is going to the cinema with my kids. There is something so magical about watching a film on a giant screen, sitting in the dark, munching on popcorn, the sound coming from behind you, hearing the cute giggles from the children. Getting engrossed in a film you forget about the outside world.

And now I can’t believe I have found a way to get that captivating experience in the comfort of our own home.

I got the idea from Instagram, where @kiddoadventures recommended a mini projector from eBay that costs £35 – just type in “mini projector” into the search box and loads come up. I bought the little yellow one and I love it! It comes with a tripod, power plug and HDMI cable. I hook it up to my MacBook (I have a separate wire that connects the HDMI cable to the MacBook). The sound comes from my MacBook so I am planning to buy some speakers to get that cinema sound.

It works best in complete darkness, so you’ll need blackout curtains, which we have in the kids’ bedroom. So far we’ve had a screening of Frozen 2, The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Ralph Breaks The Internet.

On our first screening we had the projector low, but since that I have put it up higher on top of some boxes so we can sit up on the bed. The projector is portable so you could make a mini screening inside a tent or den.

I am really happy that I can recreate the cinema experience for the kids during the summer holidays. And we are excited for Trolls World Tour coming out on DVD soon so we can create a premiere at home, like we were supposed to before coronavirus scuppered everyone’s plans!

If you miss going to the cinema, I can really recommend getting a mini projector like this one.

Sabrina x


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