Jenners Crazy Golf & Sandpit Playground | Riverside Gardens – Maidenhead, Berkshire

Remember I wrote about the beautiful Ray Mill Island the other month, well did you know there is a crazy golf and a sandpit playground very close to it? It is called Jenners Crazy Golf and today I’ll tell you all about it. Now, I’m going to be upfront about this, it is in a beautiful location but the crazy golf and the cafe are quite basic – don’t expect top notch. That said, it is great if you’re local and looking for something last minute to do to with the kids, and it’s cheap. You can just turn up and it’s never been too busy whenever we’ve been.

Jenners Crazy Golf & Sandpit Playgrounds - Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Location: Riverside Gardens, Ray Mead Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8NP

Opening hours: Cafe and Crazy Golf everyday 8am – 4.45pm. I think the playground is always open though.

Parking: Car park on site – 1 hour £1, 2 hours £1.80, 4 hours £3.50, All day £4.50 – Pay and display (pay car park attendant or in the cafe) Car park closes half an hour after sunset.

Public Transport: Nearest train station is Maidenhead, which is a half-an-hour walk away or you can get the Number 8 bus from Maidenhead which takes you just outside Riverside Gardens. Also the Number 4 bus from Slough.

Cost: Crazy Golf £3.50 per adult, £2.50 per child

Food: Jenners Cafe (Open 8am – 4.45pm)

Toilets: Yes. In the cafe

Pushchair-friendly: Yes

Playground: Yes. Sandpit playground

Jenners Crazy Golf

With this crazy golf, you have to go into Jenners Cafe to pay and get your golf clubs and balls. If there isn’t a parking attendant out, then you’ll have to pay for your car parking inside. They give you a hand-written parking ticket to put in your car – very retro! The cafe is like a greasy spoon and apparently it’s been here since 1959. There’s a one way system in place, so you have to go around the back to go in and there’s hand sanitiser at the entrance. We have eaten at this cafe before and it’s alright, plus they do sell ice creams. The best seating is outside, they have a lovely veranda covered in greenery that you can see in the below photo.

Jenners Crazy Golf - Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead, Berkshire

So, you pay at the till and the golf clubs and balls are outside in a green bin, and they tell us they are sanitised after every use. There are 18 courses at this crazy golf, and you just get started. There’s no one out there watching you. It’s your luck whether you’re there at a quiet time or if there’ll be a group after you. I prefer it when it’s quiet, I hate feeling rushed if there’s a group right behind you.

This course looks like it has been here since 1959, with the concrete flooring and the metal features with peeling off paint, rusty in places. Despite this, it is enjoyable to do, and my son in particular is crazy about it. Don’t bother with keeping score or anything, I think playing crazy golf here is about just having fun hitting the ball and attempting to get it up the ramps and in the holes. I did manage to get a hole-in-one on one of them!

Jenners Crazy Golf - Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead, Berkshire

We like that there are 18 holes to do, it keeps it interesting and makes it a good length. The landscaping is lovely and adds to the atmosphere, especially on a sunny day. I think there is a cherry blossom tree, but I’ll have to check back when it’s flowering season next year.

Jenners Crazy Golf - Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead, Berkshire

The course took us about 45 minutes to complete it. We came at the end of the day at the weekend, so by the time we finished the cafe had closed, so we couldn’t buy ice creams! Luckily I brought snacks (always bring your own snacks just in case).

Sandpit Playground

Next to the crazy golf is the most awesome playground, as it has a huge sand pit! It’s like being at the beach, with it’s plastic palm trees and hammocks. We have come here many times over the years, the kids love it. My top tip is to bring a big bottle of water as well as your buckets and spades. Then you can wet the sand, and you’ll be able to build sandcastles that stand.

Riverside Gardens Sandpit Playground, Maidenhead, Berkshire

As well as the sandpit, there is a normal playground with the usual swing, slides and climbing frames. There are also picnic tables around the sandpit area and decking. It is a really nice playground. If you don’t want to do crazy golf, just come for the playground, it’s worth it on its own and you’ll only need to pay for parking.

Riverside Gardens Sandpit Playground, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Once you’re done here, you can always go for a riverside walk to Boulter’s Lock to watch the canal boats, and even in to Ray Mill Island to make it a whole day out.

I hope you have found this post useful. This place is so handy when you have nothing in particular planned and want to do something last minute. As it’s always there!

Let me know if you visit, I’d love to know what you think.

Sabrina x


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