A year of being 4

Age 4 – I will never forget this year for my baby, the year she started school and learned to read, and the year her hair seemed to grow and grow! I’m not allowed to touch it though.

She never stops talking and brings so much joy to her family with her happy, cheeky personality. I will also never forget age 4 being the year she was chosen to be the face of a LEGO global campaign 🙀

When I asked Lily what she will remember most about being age 4, she says Poppy (her Troll doll) being her best friend, making new best friends at school, and going to the ice cream farm 🍦She says at school she likes playing Monsters and Sharkbite with her friends (who are all boys 😅)

At age 4, Lily is a mini gamer and like to watch memes on her tablet, especially with her brother. She will only have Heart on the radio in the car and her fave song is that Myley Cyrus Prisoner one. She still plays with her Peppa toys as well as cars and I hear her making stories with them. She’s a proper Julia Donaldson fan and adores all her books.

5 tomorrow, wow! I have loved having a 4-year-old girl and am looking forward to what age 5 brings. I hope to have loads more fun experiences with her. Thank you for being so much fun Lily! 💗💗💗💗


2 responses to “A year of being 4

  1. Ha love this, I also have a 4 year old girl, and she loves poppy and the song Prisoner too! It’s been a weird school year for them huh? I feel sad that she has missed out on so much, though she is still happy and chatty most of the time, so I guess what they don’t know won’t hurt them. 🙂

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