The Bracknell Forest Giants at The Lexicon | Summer 2021

AD | One of our most favourite shopping locations in our area is The Lexicon in Bracknell. We’ve been shopping here ever since it opened as it’s still so lovely and shiny and new, plus you can find almost every brand you can think of here – we love it!

We look forward to their special events, as they help keep the shopping experience exciting for children. This summer The Lexicon has teamed up with Bracknell Forest Council to bring the UK’s largest forest giants to town… the Bracknell Forest Giants!

There are three tree giants – Wise Woodland, Lady Greenwood and Little Acorn. Wise Woodland is the tallest at 6.5 metres tall! The craftsmanship is incredible, you HAVE to come see them. Each Bracknell Forest Giant has a magical story to tell about the preservation and conservation of the amazing forests surrounding the town.

There’s a QR code that you can scan on your phone at each giant, that brings up a filter on your camera so that you can become a tree giant – check out our selfies! The kids loved this.

We went to a live storytelling show at the Forest Friends’ Den, where we stepped into a magical world to hear exciting tales from the forest and learn about the characterful creatures who live there. We were greeted by Swinley the Stag, who had a proper East End Cockney accent! She brought each family bubble in one by one to seat us personally.

The show was hosted by Old Brack the Badger and Bright-Tail the Fox, and it was so interactive. It was like a half-an-hour kids theatre performance, which is so good for just £4 – £5 per family bubble. At the end of the show, each child was given a pretty notebook and a gorgeous forest pencil – it looked like it had been carved from a tree.

The shows are on until 30th August and there are some slots still available to book – although tickets are limited! They also have SEND sessions – have a look here.

The reason for the Bracknell Tree Giants theme is that the forest makes up almost 40% of Bracknell Forest borough’s landscape. It is an invaluable community asset for everyone to enjoy and understand how they can help preserve it for future generations.

The Bracknell Forest Giants experience will also see the launch of a new Forest Guardian programme, aimed at primary school age children in the borough.

The Forest Guardian programme will work with local schools in the autumn to encourage children to learn about the forest around them. It will also facilitate tree planting as part of the borough’s tree strategy.

Other activities at The Lexicon include the Bracknell Forest Giants’ Footprint trail which is on until 1st September – you can get a trail map from hosts around the centre or from participating shops.

We also saw performers throughout the centre, but if you visit this Bank Holiday Weekend, you’ll be able to see the Giants and Forest Folk Band!

We had such a lovely day out at The Lexicon – we lunched at Bill’s, bought toys from TK Maxx, played and did colouring at Fenwick’s toy department, bought shoes from M&S and had a shopping break at Starbucks. I got the new Pink Coconut drink, it’s so delicious!

We ended our trip at Princess Square, as I’d parked the car there. That was where we saw the giant talking Forest Owl – it looks so cool as it spreads its magnificent wings.

Seeing the Bracknell Forest Giants at The Lexicon is such a lovely way to end the summer holidays – a bit of magic before the kids go back to school. For more information, do visit the website and follow #BracknellForestGiants

📍 The Lexicon, Bracknell RG12 1AP

⏰ Bracknell Forest Giants on until 1st September and Forest Friends Den Show/Weekend Acts on until 30th August

☕️ Loos, cafes and restaurants in the centre 

🚂 5 min walk from Bracknell train and bus station 

🚗 The Princess Square car park is the best value for money – £3 for 3 hours, £4 for 5 hours 


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