Children’s Drama Classes with Perform

I had been looking for drama classes for my children as I wanted them to do something fun outside of school, and to find something that would build up their confidence. I discovered Perform and it ticked all the boxes. The first trial class is free, and then if you’d like to book, there’s a discount code at the end of this post.

Perform have venues nationwide and I was so please to find a location that was convenient for us. My children did a trial class the week before October half term and they LOVED it! I stayed to watch for a bit to see what the class was like, and I was impressed with how welcoming the teachers were, getting my children involved straightaway. There are two teachers and they were so energetic and encouraging. The class had about 15 children ranging from age 7 to 12, a nice group.

When I came back to pick the kids up at the end of class, they ran up to me saying “yes yes we want to do the class!” and so we signed up. When you sign up, it’s for 10 classes and there is a sibling discount. I loved that my two could do the class together.

This term the class were learning a play called Ebenezer and they get a script. You also need to purchase the Perform t-shirt which they wear to class as the uniform. As well as going through scenes and learning singing, dancing and acting, the class also focuses on a different social skill each week.

Lily got the part of Elsie Cratchet and Tyler got the part of Urso Undertaker, and their first task was to highlight their lines in their script pack and learn their lines. They picked it up really quickly.

As well as the class, what really helped was Perform having their own Ebenezer app – it has the songs and dances so the kids could practice at home. It’s really professional of them to have these extra resources.

Each week my children really look forward to the class, they are excited and always come out happy. I have definitely seen an improvement in their confidence too.

Last week they had their first dress rehearsal. I bought Lily’s outfit from Amazon and Tyler just had to wear all black for his character. It was cute to see all the kids lining up for class in their outfits.

And then this week was when they did the show! It was the last class of term, and parents were invited to come to class. The performance was in the room where they normally have their class, so it’s not too intimidating for the children. And I have to say the show was AMAZING! It was about 45 minutes long. The choreographed dancing was so good, and the singing, the acting. All the children did really well, some did solo singing, it was very impressive. And not only that, you realise that the children have become friends! You could see the teamwork. There’s a really lovely atmosphere amongst the group of kids.

At the end of the show, we gave a huge round of applause and the kids received a cast t-shirt (this is included in your term fee).

We are going to miss Ebenezer, we’ve been singing the songs for 2 months! But in exciting news, next term’s show is a Robin Hood themed one. That will be fun to work on.


I can really recommend classes at Perform. They do classes for age 4-7 and 7-12. If you’d like to try one out, your child can do a trial class for freecheck online to find a class near you.

Then if you’d like to book, there is a January offer of £50 off for new starters if you book before the end of January 2023 with the code: SM310123

Let me know if you try a class! I look forward to sharing more of our experience in January.

Sabrina x

Disclosure: I have paid for the classes but have received a discount for social media coverage.


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