5 rides you HAVE to do at Legoland

We’ve been many times to Legoland over the years. These are our top 5 rides we recommend that are more gentle for younger kids and relaxing for parents! I recommend using the app to check queue times and plan your day.

1) Fairy Tale Brook

2) LEGO City Driving School (or L Drivers for preschoolers)

3) Deep Sea Adventure

4) Coastguard HQ

5) LEGOLAND Express

    Also don’t forget to check out The Magical Forest in Mythica, and any shows that are on. We watched a Brick Week show at Miniland, it was 15 mins of live entertainment and all the kids loved it!

    Finally, don’t forget you get 20% off food and drink throughout the theme park if you have an annual pass. We like it at Farmer Joes 😄

    We would have loved to go on Flight of the Sky Lion but it was at 80 mins queue time all day! So we didn’t do that one yesterday. I think that’s one to go to first thing in the morning as the park opens!

    Have you been to Legoland? What’s your fave ride?


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