Banana Caramel Frappocinos

I having been clearing out my bedroom and taking bags of stuff to charity shops this week. Today I dropped the last clothes bag at the YMCA shops, and I saw 2 of my tops on the rail for £4.49 each. That was such a weird feeling, seeing something that I used to wear in a shop. A sad twinge but a good feeling that I am helping the community.

Yesterday my cousin and I went to Starbucks in Selfridges and had Banana Caramel Frappocinos – mmmmmm. Don’t have the cream based one, only the coffee based, as Zu tried the creamy one and said it was not that nice. So I have calmed down a lot since yesterday and know things will work out in time. Its very frustrating but one must be patient!

I walked to Selfridges from work, instead of sitting on a smelly bus, and walked through the tiny little roads in between the tall old houses, Victorian or Edwardian, I never know. There was a girl on her own skipping with her skipping rope and I could imagine little children skipping there a hundred years ago, wearing big poofy white dresses. Maybe it was a ghost.


One response to “Banana Caramel Frappocinos

  1. so did u get any thing from selfridges??? more importantly 4 me??? i highly doubt it was a ghost u saw, probably just a girl who is a loner or doesn’t go 2 school, on the other hand, nah there is no other hand there are no such things as ghosts- i hope


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