Life’s a b***h

That was one of my favourite songs when i was a teenager. So fed up of all the love songs, that ‘life’s a b***h’ was a refreshing change. And it still applies to today, 15 years later.

On Sunday, Dad wanted to know what degree I graduated, it wasn’t accountancy was it? and what was my job title, even though when I got promoted to Marketing 2 years ago, I was shouting it from the hilltops that I was so happy. So I was more than a little upset that my dad didn’t have a clue what I graduated in or what I am doing for a living. Shouldn’t dads know?! But hey, if it isn’t medicine, dentistry or accountancy, its not important. What makes it worse is that he wasn’t asking out of curiosity, it was only so he could tell people. I didn’t realise that these ‘people’ were potential husbands! 

So upset was I when he told me they want a photo, interrupting Big Brother, I said I already know who I want to marry. So he has been quiet ever since. Then I find out from my brother that Dad thinks that all that is important in marriage is family and being muslim. He does not like that my cousin married a convert, because he says he is young and he will convert back to his original religion and that it is not acceptable in his own family.  Ridiculous as he was one of the witnesses. And that if mum let me and G go ahead, he will never speak to her again. This would not have happened if he was still working and not retired, having too much time to think about religion. Is my happiness not more important???? He bought me everything I ever wanted my whole life, but he won’t let me have the one thing I want!!! And they wonder why people do crazy things.



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