What a boring 2 weeks!

it has been absolutely drop dead boring these last 2 weeks, argh i need some motivation to carry on living! First last weekend was a waste of my life, went to my uncle and aunt’s 40th wedding anniversary party in Ruislip. I can’t believe its been that long, as that means my mum was only 11 when they got married, and they were in my dad’s class at university. Yes, work that out! The party was full of posh Asian ladies, and half an hour was spent discussing the ethics of not using carrier bags but bringing your own when you go shopping to help the environment, but you can’t if you’re Asian because of the stigma. Oh my god.

Then its been another uneventful week at work. Except the news that Cadbury have withdrawn their Easter eggs (after Easter?!) because there may be salmonella in the chocolate. Oh my god! Could this be the end for Cadbury?? If only. Oh, there was big news – my mum has got a job! Starts on Monday, so at least one of my parents will be normal now. YAY!

This Saturday I went shopping with mum and saw this gorgeous red dress that would look amazing over jeans. Then in the afternoon I met G in Walpole Park as it was lovely and sunny, and we ate vanilla galaxy ice creams, kettle chips and olives. Not a wise combination! And today I returned to Uxbridge with mum and Angie and got that red dress. I’ve been sewing today, made a WWE cushion out of a T-shirt I got in the sample sale earlier this week.


2 responses to “What a boring 2 weeks!

  1. i didn’t know that was how u spelt salmonella? its bloody quiet without mum..its so wierd and u failed 2 mention who was on the WWe cushion- randy orton and chris jericho


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