boring Boring BORING!!!

yet another drop dead boring week. What is happenning to me?? I started off the week trying an experiment. My hypothesis was ‘if you be nice to people, you will get nice things back’ .That includes thinking nice thoughts too. The first day worked, and people are nice back, and i stayed calm so nothing really got me down, including annoying commuters, brats on the bus, missing my train etc. But by day 2 I could not be bothered. It is completely impossible to be nice when it’s your time of the month, a punishment from mother nature. Pain, depression, pain, moodiness, pain, unhappiness. Oh why oh why oh why?!?! It is such a waste of a week! I have discovered that time is so precious, I don’t have time to do anything, and i am getting seriously fed up. Work and come home. I hate it. I hate life. AARRGGHH!!!!


One response to “boring Boring BORING!!!

  1. oh, that explains a lot, ur on ur period! well at least waxing my legs may have helped get rid of some anger? possibly?


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