Diary of a World Cup Spinster

Today was the hottest day so far this year, 31 degrees. I hadn’t any plans so decided to meet up with G. On the way I saw so many girls with accessorised outfits, that I wanted one too. I had my pastel yellow vest on, so I bought a matching necklace, bangle and earrings from Outfit. I felt soooo much better, now I have to find matching accessories for ALL my outfits! After that, we went to Ealing and had lunch in the park. The England match was at 4, so G went to watch it and I went shopping. There is no way on earth I will watch the football, I hate the chanting and crowds. Eurgh. The sales were so disappointing, absolute rubbish out there. I did not buy a thing. And accessories were NOT on sale, I could not believe it! Although there was a nice olive bowl, but it would only end up as clutter in the kitchen. My feet were aching from my red sandals, so I bought Glamour magazine for the free flip-flops. There was a choice of blue, green or black. I got the black and white ones and they were so comfy, I was tempted to throw my red sandals away. But I didn’t.

I returned to the park to read my magazine in what remained of the sun, surrounded by the football chants of the nearby pubs. Constant cheers of ‘Engerland’, screeching girls, and that ‘na na na’ song, it all sounded like it was going well. Then at about 20 to 6, a black guy ran out of the pub wailing across the park. I thought he was just a mad-man. He then dropped to the ground, rolling across the grass screaming ‘bastards’. I thought, ooh, this can’t be good. Then the crowds slowly came out of the pub, chanting ‘the referee’s a wanker’. It couldn’t be that England had lost, could it? I was enjoying my quiet days of wandering around and shopping. It couldn’t be over!!! And all the England merchandise at Woolies, who was going to buy it now?! G confirmed the news that England were out of the World Cup. By now the park was full of chavs. A group of them had a Portuguese flag and were trying to burn it, but it wouldn’t light. We thought this might be a good time to leave! What a sad day.


One response to “Diary of a World Cup Spinster

  1. How dare they attempt (and fail in doing so) to burn the portugese flag! these fans these days-no good!


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