Prawn Snackajacks – YUM!

Well it turns out that one of the chav’s who tried to burn the Portuguese flag lives on G’s road. What a small world.

I am having a Blackberry & Blueberry flavoured Panda Spring water and it is delicious, tastes like bubblegum.

I met up with my uni mates the other day and we had creamy frappocinos in the park by Canary Wharf station. I know they are so bad for you, but it was sunny so who cares! Afterwards I thought I’d see if my cousin was around and she happened to be going to Canary Wharf to meet her wedding flower lady. So I got to see the wedding venue too, which was lovely, a nice classy hotel looking oer the river. It all seems so surreal, how much organisation goes into planning the wedding, the costs, all the little things to remember, I do find it quite terrifying.

Tonight is James’s leaving party after work. Sad. But I’m going to have girls sitting next to me soon, which can either be good or bad, so I’ll see what happens!


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