A Rather Glam Wedding

Why are little kids obsessed with chasing pigeons, it really is a mystery. I’ve been trying to capture a picture of the pigeons worshipping the pigeon king at Hayes. I will get a shot one day. I am still walking around in a daze, partly due to not being able to breathe through my nose for the past 3 days, very annoying, but mainly due to Saturday , my cousin’s wedding, the most amazing day – the day my family met the G-man and were happy. It was the most unexpected and pleasant surprise. And when I say my family, I mean everyone except my parents who couldn’t make it. So its even weirder that everyone has met him before them, but its cool cos it’s like I have their back-up now. It’s such a nice feeling, especially as we weren’t expecting anyone to be nice, but they came and introduced themselves, Its so strange I keep pinching myself to see if i’m dreaming. my aunt told me he’s handsome and my uncle was so happy that he looks like a cousin of his. One uncle shook his hand! WOW

Wedding 3
The wedding itself was the best I have been to. It was so strange seeing them say ‘I do’. Except the groom said ‘Yes’ in a rater nervous manner, causing a few sniggers. Mother of the bride was holding her little niece, who cried throughout the vows, but it didn’t matter because all the family were together, it felt just right. 

Wedding 4

The reception was in a room looking over the river and Canary Whart, and as the sun set, it looked pretty cool. There was music which made a change from the usual noise of a Bengali wedding, and after dinner it turned into a disco. The groom’s side of the family danced, I was shocked, never seen old people in saris dance before! The evening went so quickly, months of preparation over in a flash! I don’t think I could do it. It was stressful enough just sorting mine and my sister’s outfits out. At least I got to wear an English wedding dress – I have always wanted to (total accident – Monsoon sale!)

Me  & my cousin

Wedding 5

The Girls

Wedding 6


Wedding 7

Bride &Groom

Wedding 8


5 responses to “A Rather Glam Wedding

  1. “G-man?” she says sarcastically. “I thought he was steve?” she says with a smirk on her face. “Still cannot believe you took the group photo without me! that group photo is nothing without a 14-year old in it” she says while attempting to read the keyboard in the dark. “You should really try typing like that if your ever bored” she says thus proving that she is bored.


  2. why are you talking in the third person…. weird. I say ‘G-man’ because that is what Marylou and I called him when I didn’t know his name, only that it began with a G. And I didn’t take the group photo so you cannot blame me.


  3. “seriously its fun talking in 3rd person” she sys while laughing to herself  as she reads supasabrina’s comment. “u mean to tell me that yuo didn’t know his name when you first met him, yet you want to marry him!!”she says laughing hysterically. “well i do have to say that it is a very good that you now know his name” she says thinking of what to put next to she says. “so who took the group photo? and i’m not blaming you im just saying” she says “there is no photo that is good without the charm of a 14 year old!”she says in a superhero voice.


  4. “damn i forgot to say that chasing pigeons is really fun, no matter what age you are. i stll love to do it. its funny scaring pigeons”she says while looking for a pigeon to scare.


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