Bye bye Woolworths, hello Mattel!

So I’ve started my new Barbie job in Maidenhead, and it is amazing, i keep pinching myself – am I really in charge of Barbie??  Its all mine – so weird! My head still all over the place as I have just left Woolies on Friday, with my leaving do that night. It was at Occo, and was a lovely night, although there were more ex-Woolies people there so it felt more like a reunion! I felt joy and sadness at leaving. I have left a Barbie Genevieve doll in my old chair, so it’s like I’m still there kind of.

Saturday I went to Selfridges to spend the voucher I got as my leaving present. That day was the first time Oxford Street was closed to traffic, so you could walk on the streets. the atmosphere was so different to usual, much more happier. Selfridges was choc-a-bloc, you could not more! Nightmare! And they don’t sell Radley bags. So I got 2 Paul Frank ones instead and retro pink kitchen scales.    

Sunday was really weird for me because i didnt have a travelcard for the first time in years! I felt trapped in the house! But I got one the next day – phew! It was very strange commuting to Maidenhead, the train was less packed, people seemed less stressed. There were a lot more schoolkids but they seemed more civilised. And at each stop people got off, instead of cramming themselves on the way to London! There was the walk to the office that I was dreading, but it only took 15 mins AND I saw 2 squirrels on the way. You never see that in London. I felt like skipping.

I also saw a red Mini One after work which looks gorgeous. Hopefully it will be mine by the end of the week. Fingers crossed!


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