Happy New Year 2007

Its the first week of 2007. The surgery alarm has been going off next door for 20 minutes – very annoying!!! Its 2 weeks since I bought my shiny red mini, I have been driving it everywhere, I love it soooo much. Still haven’t tackled the motorway, but who cares.

My new red mini
Last week I drove it to Park Royal to go bowling. It was the eve of New Years Eve. We had a 2 hour wait which wasn’t very pleasant, especially with the surrounding stench of smelly kids with fat arses running around, but at least I got to sit at the Crocodile table in McDs. It was worth the wait, as the bowling was so much fun. Here is Angie after she misses and after she does good:

Bowling 2 Bowling 1

Xmas was quite quiet, just watched films all day. The week before was my friend’s birthday, we went to Tiffin Bites in Canary Wharf and she announced she may just be getting married soon. Yay, a wedding!

Christmas Tree

On New Years Eve, me and G went to Helen’s party in Islington and they played indie music all night. I was so so happy. At midnight we threw paper planes at the ceiling.

New Years Eve


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