Ye Olde Isleworth

Isleworth – that usually make me think of scumminess. On Easter Monday, while looking for places to buy wallpaper with G, we took a wrong turn and ended up somewhere beautiful! Cars were parked by what looked like a seaside! It was really peaceful and calming, which was really strange as I hadn’t driven far. This is what it looked like:

 Isleworth 5 Isleworth 4 Isleworth 3 Isleworth 2 Isleworth 1
I thought, where on earth were we?! It far too pretty, it couldn’t possible be … Isleworth?!?! Yes, and on checking out the 2 locals, it turns out the people were definately from Isleworth. I could not believe you could get more chavvy than Uxbridge and Hayes. Well you can here.   

Isleworth 7 Isleworth 6                                                     
This is what the buildings look like on the outside, by the River Thames. And this is what was inside them: 

Isleworth 8

Still I was intrigued, walking past a row of terraced housing on a narrow road with double yellow lines, I thought the owners had nowhere to park their cars. Except one had its own garage. Why was this one special? Then there was a photo in the local – it was actually a flour mill in the olden days.

Isleworth 9


Isleworth 10


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