Don’t go there. Its the most pointless place. Dead quiet, and where old people ride on bicycles with baskets. And there’s a special old people bus that takes them to Tesco. If you’re wondering why we were there, it was to find the Unilever building, which you can’t miss at its a massive 60’s style monstrosity, complete with its own giant pond with humongous giant goldfish, fish the size of my arm. Weird! I didn’t see the Thames there either, so why it is called Walton-on-Thames is another question.

Walton 2 Walton 1

Me and G then got on a bus to Kingston. It was a non-London bus, as we were beyond zone 6, so the tickets were a whopping £2.70 each!!! It took us on a strange route bending through leafy roads and eerily quiet neighbourhoods, and then through Hampton Court, which had a fun fair, and finally to Kingston. It was nice and busy there (yes civilisation!), but I was freezing (why didn’t I bring my jacket?! doh!). It looked really nice there, there were flocks of swans and lots of babies. And beautiful flats overlooking the river – I want one! You can see them in the background of the middle photo, the modern looking flats with balconies. And here’s me in front of the historic ‘Coronation Stone’. I think we need something like this in Uxbridge, I’m sure they can find a historic stone somewhere! We threw a penny in the Coronation Stone and made a wish. Who knows if my wish will come true….

Walton 5 Walton 4 Walton 3


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