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Last week I went to a Bratz Passion for Fashion concert at Wembley (with work!) and I took Angie as she hadn’t been out of the house throughout Easter. It was the most awful show I have ever seen, and far too raunchy for the crowd of 7-year-olds. 4 girls strutting their stuff as ‘The Bratz’ on stage, with tight white T-shirts, boobs sticking out, micro mini skirts and dance routines where you got flashes of their knickers! Ew! The male star made me want to cry with embarrassment. Singing and dancing like Take That from the 90s. And there was an Asian guy as a back-up dancer wearing a tight bright pink t-shirt, what would his mother think??

Bratz 2 Bratz 1

The next day I took Angie to meet Barbie at the Entertainer in Uxbridge – isn’t she so lucky, seeing the Bratz and Barbie in two days?!


I drove to Richmond on Saturday (yes I did it!) and its not very far by car. Amy cooked her delicious pad thai, and then we went for a walk through the park and then along the river. It was sooo hot, you would think it was summertime. 

Richmond 3 Richmond 2 Richmond 1

Then the next day, I actually drove to Portsmouth (wow!), in my tiny mini, with my whole family squashed in. I don’t know how, but we did it, unfortunately only that day did we realise I have no air conditioning, aah!! Oh yeah, Nahid has a little boy now, born on Weds 11th just before midnight. So that’s why we went. he going to be called Zak, which means something in Arabic apparently. Anyway, he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! When you hold him, its like holding a little hot water bottle. ahhh. Although, here’s Rori holding him, looking rather terrified!

Baby 2 Baby 1


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