My mini adventure – part 1

So I’ve now left Mattel and good riddance. I really miss my friends there, but that’s about it. We had a fab night out at HaHa in Windsor and my lovely photo album gift was so thoughtful, so I really appreciate that. But now I am on to my new adventure.

I have stayed at my cousin’s for the first part of my adventure, after having a conversation with the G Man not to contact me for a couple of weeks. Her best friend came round on Saturday and I tried to watch the X factor whilst they caught up.

Sunday was really hard for me, it being the wedding day that never ha
ppened. My cousin took me to Bluewater. I was afraid it would be too busy, it being Xmas, but actually it was really nice. We went to La Tasca and had Tapas. And it was ok having my baby nephew with us. My cousin was being careful, keeping me away from the ring shops, but actually being in Mothercare is what got to me, all those happy families – WHATEVER. We saw some freaky chucky dolls, ironic being with the girl who is afraid of dolls.


we got Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with a cup of tea. They have the factory and bluewater. And some hardcore chavs that make Uxbridge look classy. Little girl with a hankie as a top….

Monday was Eid and we had chips for Eid lunch. Took my cousin to mine with the baby, so mum wasn’t on her own. And took a gangsta pic of my nephew.


Tuesday me, we went into Walton and shopped all day, sat in Starbucks just like old times. See, you can do it with a baby!



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