A day in the life of an umemployed person

It’s been 109 days since I last worked. Wow. I’ve just been researching jewellers for my interview at Ernest Jones next week. Didn’t realise there was so much to learn about diamonds. And that all these jewellers are so charitable, makes a change from those greedy supermarkets.

It’s been sunny today, but windy too. I went for a walk earlier, ended up in Hayes End’s Iceland store. They had all the staff out filling up the shelves and chillers and moving cages around, there was no room to move! A bit rubbish for 2.30pm, shouldn’t they be doing that when the store has shut?? I ended up sitting in the park with my book. I really like this book, it’s called Bitter Sweets by Roopa Farooki, about lies and loves and it goes back generation by generation to find the root of the cause of all the lying. And it starts with a deceiving Bengali girl! I tried to imagine my Nany as a naughty 13-year-old girl, as that is when she got married, but I always see the grown-ups as, well, grown-ups! Maybe its time I did some digging around and wrote down my families real stories for my own book. Hmm.

I discovered Mellow Lane school is walking distance from my house. I always wrongly thought it was in Hayes. Weird. So that’s where all the school kids in green uniform come from, duh!

I was going to cook a tuna steak dish that I saw in Tesco magazine, which is why I went for my walk, but neither Iceland nor Somerfield petrol station sell tuna steaks. Guess its too posh! So I guess I will have a slice of my organic chocolate cheesecake that I got from Waitrose yesterday instead, and I will read the next installment of my book.


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