Another day in the life of an unemployed person

god, have the characters in Hollyoaks become even more annoying than
usual? This show just does not amuse me anymore. Today I was waiting
for a surprise instruction, but it never came. I did some more research
for Ernest Jones, and learnt all about diamonds, colour, clarity, carat
and cut. I never knew all these details before. No wonder they’re so
expensive. I made mushroom pasta for lunch, but i put too much flour
in it, so the sauce was a bit sticky, but it tasted alright. Mum and Dad
went to Sira. The car is fixed now, it’s alarm kept going off earlier
on. It really smells of petrol when mum leaves the car on and the
kitchen door open. Gave me a bit of a headache.

I watched the news, nothing exciting happened today. Then I
straightened my hair and put my make-up on. What a waste of time that
was seeing as I didn’t even leave the house today. Then I did some ironing
with 4Music on in the background. Mum and dad came back – sira did not
have the little pasta rice packs – BOoo!

I went on the net, and this night out in Reading is definately
happening on Friday which is good news. So i booked a room in the Ye
Olde Hotel and train tickets. Decided to go to Didcot the next day to
check out the new shopping centre. I’ll do Chippenham another day, as I
reckon I’ll need a full day for that town.

Then I read the next chapter of my book upstairs. Zu came home and
discovered a wet patch on the carpet covered up with the bean bag. That
Angie! It was spilt Ribena. So he got the carpet cleaner out. And that
brings me up to now. Telly night and still no phone call from my
invisible bloke.


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