Umemployed girl gets diamond ring!

Thursday last week I got my diamond ring, the most sparkliest ring ever!


It was not quite the romantic proposal I had imagined, but very funny when you look back at it. We had just bought tickets for Knowing from the self-service machines at Harrow Vue, when he says to me, Do you want it now?. I was like, er, OK. So we stood by the pillar looking down at St, Georges shopping centre, the lights of TK Maxx and closed-down Woolworths in the background, and he gets the box out of his coat pocket. I was feeling seriously dizzy at the stage, after years of waiting, was this finally really happening? Then he opens the box and it’s dazzling so much, I can’t even see the ring, just all this light. Truly a magical moment! And it fitted on my ring finger. So there you go, my romantic proposal!


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