Week 12 | Baby No. 1

oh no, I didn’t realised I didn’t write an update for week 11. It was a pretty uneventful week, my symptoms disappeared, no toothache, no heavy boobs and no particular cravings. I did get a rash on my tummy on sunday night (day 1 of week 11) and as this is the week the baby’s genitals begin to develop, it is an old wives tale that this is a reaction to testosterone – another sign that peanut is a boy! Apparently it is the size of a small lime now, but we’re still calling it peanut.

I was on a cleaning frenzy last week, got my hair cut at Supercuts on Monday night, after my dry split-ends were driving me crazy, always getting stuck under everything. It was a relief to get them cut off, my head is so much lighter, but it’s still weird not to have any colour in my hair, first time in 16 years! After putting the ikea shelves up in week 10, I got storage boxes from Brixton market to put under the dressing table. It looks so much tidier now. I carried on with my ‘nesting’ on tuesday and wednesday, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and finally doing the ironing which had been piling up since August!

My toothache returned on saturday night, painful but a relief, that means baby is still there.

And now finally I am in week 12. I thought I would be relieved, but I’m not, I won’t be until I see the scan, which is tomorrow. I got my bounty mum to be pack on saturday, it just had a few samples of sudocream, a pampers nappy and wipes, fairy tablets, a mini dettol spray and an ovaltine sachet. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was disappointed. I’m going to try yoga tonight, get me all flexible in preparation for labour. Eurgh!


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