Week 36 | Baby No. 1

Well 4 weeks to go now, it really is countdown time time. We are a lot more prepared now, after our proper decluttering and moving furniture around 2 weeks ago. Peanut now has a lovely little nursery corner by Ganesh’s side of the room, with the cot now built! Just got to make it nice now, get a lamp and hang some bunting, I’m thinking seaside style

Had my family baby shower on Saturday and it went really well. I thought I would look a lot more massive by now, but I’m not! We played the baby food tasting game, so funny. Had my 36wk scan and midwife appointment yesterday and I am too normal says the lady ha ha. Peanut is perfect, a little but normal baby. Yay. Had a muslim midwife today and she told me to keep my humorous attitude to things. Makes me think that all the other mums-to-be are miserable worry-warts. What’s the point of worrying. I am so exciting, this is like an adventure.

Tomorrow is my last day at work, I was nervous about it, but I think I will stay in touch and email designs to my team, so I won’t be so out of the loop. And I kind of want to be off so I can finish off buying the essentials, my hospital bag stuff and decorating Tyler’s corner, wash all the baby clothes, get some sort of baby storage unit etc etc. He’s hiccupping so much lately, the sonographer said that’s just him probably swallowing amniotic fluid and practicing breathing. Aw.

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