When we were all age 3

In keeping with my boy’s 3rd Birthday theme, I have chosen for My Captured Moment photos of me, my siblings and my boy – all on our third birthday!
Third Birthday 1982 1986 1992 2015

Can you see the family similarities? By the way, I haven’t missed out my husband on purpose, there just aren’t any photos of him aged 3!

mummy age 3 1982

my brother age 3 1986

my sister age 3 1995


my son age 3 2015

I love seeing the change in toddler fashion through the years. My parents had a fondness for brown velvet in my time, I even matched our brown velvet sofas. My brother was forever in shirts, bow-ties and those white trousers –  very smart. My sister, we all had a say in her clothes as her older siblings, so she was always very cool. I think I had even put my hair gel in her hair that day (remember how permed curly hair was all the rage in the 90s?!) And as for my boy, well of course he’s well on trend for 2015 😉

Sabrina x

Running in Lavender

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14 responses to “When we were all age 3

  1. These are fantastic family photos. The brown velvet comment made me laugh out loud, I remember it well. Indeed you were all bang on trend. A lovely collection of captured moments xx


  2. Aw what a sweet idea to have photos of you all like this, shame about the hubby’s one though! My Mum used to dress me in the girliest things she could find when I was small, I think because my older sisters were both tom boys!

    Stevie #WeekendBlogHop


    • Thank you, I’m just fascinated by the similarities. Yes it is a shame about the husband – although he’s not too sad about it, hating childhood photos! Aw you’ll have to share some girly photos of you on your blog! xx

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  4. Great post. Good to see the comparison. I love looking at old photos. I don’t mind the fashion even if it’s terrible lol what I do worry about is how I sometimes quite like what I wore! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


  5. Wow some strong genes. I love when families look alike and you can trace it back to great great grandma’s nose or mouth. It’s fantastic. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme


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