Mix and Match your 3-year-old’s Birthday Party Theme

Who says you have to stick to one theme? I spent ages dithering on what to pick for my boy’s birthday party – he loves trains and vehicles, George from Peppa Pig, football, colours, numbers, letters, farm animals, jungle animals – pretty much everything. So I mixed it all up. With his actual birthday on a Friday and the party on a Sunday, it was a weekend of celebrations! Here is a little video I put together of it:

For party supplies, I went to Tesco and bought rainbow coloured balloons, streamers, paper lanterns and bunting, the flaming flower candle that he liked so much from his daddy’s birthday, Peppa Pig plates, napkins & tablecover, Jungle animal plates and blue cups.

3rd Birthday Party Supplies

I got my mum to make not one, but TWO train cakes, so we could cut the cake on his actual birthday and on the party. So she came up with this amazing design. I’ll get some tips on how she made them later this week.

3rd birthday train cake3rd birthday cake train

His presents definitely matched the trains and buses theme, the boy got everything! He watches them so much on YouTube, one of his favourite videos is of some guy playing with Tayo the Little Bus toys in Korea. It’s all a bit weird, but I just had to get him this for his birthday – so I ordered the bus garage and 4 buses from Korea through Ebay! It was so worth it, as you can see from his reaction in the birthday video.

Birthday Present Tayo the Little Bus from Korea

And as for the party, it was a great. The decorations came together nicely and we all had a fab time, all the children got along and Tyler was a happy happy boy. This was before the party started. I put the streamers up in rainbow order using masking tape.

3rd party mix and match rainbow decorations

And here is when we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ after the flaming candle finally flared (it took a couple of goes!). Worth it though, the kids were amazed!Happy birthday to you

To be honest, did the children even notice if it was George pig or jungle animal plates? I don’t think so. Lesson learnt – do not stress about children’s party themes!

Now do you want to see something crazy? Check out me, my brother, my sister and my boy – all on our third birthdays here.

Stopping at two
The Dad Network


14 responses to “Mix and Match your 3-year-old’s Birthday Party Theme

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  2. Looks fab mixed up. Last year for Amelia’s 1st birthday she wasn’t quite into anything enough so I just went for a broad pastel theme still deciding on this years!! Love the streamers. Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday x


  3. This looks fantastic! You are so right that we really don’t have to stick to one theme! I have no doubt that Zach would like a train featured dinosaur party!! Looks like he had a fab time and you have inspired me to think differently for birthday number three in September! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


    • Thank you! Ha I like the sound of a train dinosaur party! A bit of everything and they love it. That’s so lovely to hear I inspired you :)) xx


  4. How cute!! And happy birthday, Tyler! I’ve always done mix and match themes, so I was caught unawares when my “big” girls (age 9) asked for a theme! Those cakes are extraordinary. What a lucky boy!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!


    • Thank you. Oh gosh, yes I expect you have to be a bit more precise when they get older! Thank you about the cakes, all credit to my mum 🙂 xx


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