Outfit of the Week – chosen by Nana

I hadn’t done one of these posts for a while I had run out of new clothes to showcase! Luckily the grandparents have been doing a bit of shopping for the boy, and this is what he wore today, all from H&M.

H&M Toddler Boy Outfit chosen by grandparents

Long-sleeved Tee – H&M – £4.99
Green Chinos – H&M – £6 (was £9.99)
Shoes – Next – £6

We’re a big fan of long sleeved tees and they are light-weight which is good for the sunny days, but also protects his little arms from the sun and from getting cold, as it is still quite windy outdoors. The trousers came is loads of colours according to my mum, and were all on sale! They are light-weight, so good for hot weather, the waist has adjustable elastic, and there’s a cute buckle design on the butt! And those shoes are size 6. I bought them last year when he was size 5 1/2, and now he is a size 6, they still fit him! I guess I am lucky as I know most kids feet grow really quickly!

Question for you all, my mum tucked the t-shirt into the trousers – something I would NEVER do! Then she loosened it so the T-Shirt was a big baggy over the waist. What do you think, does it look okay, or is untucked better?

Sabrina x

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15 responses to “Outfit of the Week – chosen by Nana

  1. That is certainly a lovely outfit, super grandparents points awarded this week! Personally I like tops untucked, but when I was growing up it was all about tucking tops in… its all personal preference! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday


    • Aw I shall tell my mum, she’ll be happy! Thank you – I always do untucked, then I was thinking, maybe it is scruffy? But then I was thinking, it is such a granny thing to tuck a t-shirt in! xx


    • Or it’s luck haha, sometimes they get it really wrong. But I try not to complain, as they’re paying 😉 H&M is a fave of ours too, you can’t really go wrong buying from there! xx


  2. Yay for H&M, we love them! They always have such great bits and really good prices. Loving this outfit. Well done Nana. The tee looks great, I love the graphic on it and the colour of the chinos goes really well with it. I personally never tuck tees in but this looks good! That’s lucky about his shoes. New ones cost a fortune don’t they! Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you’ve had a good weekend 🙂 xx #weekendbabystyle


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