Toddler Trips #6 – Land’s End

This week Toddler Trips brings us to the end of the country – Land’s End! It is literally at the end of Cornwall and the views of the ocean here are breath-taking.Toddler Trips Land's End Cornwall
We drove to Land’s End from Penzance, which took 20 minutes to drive. When we got there at 10am, it was kind of like arriving at a theme park – with a big car park. We paid £4 for car parking, but entry was free. We walked through all the theme-parky style things, like the gift shops and food places, to the part Land’s End is most famous for – the signpost! There was a small queue as there was an official photographer there – you can’t just take a photo! It was roped off and there was a booth next to it where you have to fill in a form with your details, as they post the photo to you. We paid about £10, and you get to choose a place to put in the signpost. They have a huge sheet with all places and how far they are from Land’s End, so they know what number of miles to put in. My husband and I nearly disagreed on whether we should have Greenford or Uxbridge on our one photo. I won, I think I said because I was born in Cornwall, it should be where I grew up on the sign 😛 Then I quickly took a photo with my penguin hah!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

Next we walked to the right of the signpost, and Tyler admired the view, sipping water from his beloved blue Tommee Tippee beaker! (We took that beaker everywhere!) I love this shot, it really looks as though he is taking it all in, even though he’s only one-year old here!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

Right at the far end is the ‘First and Last Refreshment House in England’ – quite an amazing thought! It’s cute, very little, selling gifty nic-nacs and hot drinks. It was quite eerie inside, with just the hum of the fridges in the background. We got a coffee each, and a fridge magnet, and sat on the outside benches.

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

Then we walked back to the ‘theme-park’ style area, where there was this sign that I found interesting to read. See how it say Penzance station was built in 1859 to bring tourists to Cornwall!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

There was a playground in this area, which was full of kids and this boat that you could go and sit in. There’s Tyler and my husband in the doorway.

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

We had lunch in one of the food places, it was just like being an a theme park, which I really didn’t expect. We had chips and sat at an outside table with orange plastic chairs. This part of the trip did not feel like we were in Land’s End. Anyhoo, we then walked to the other end and saw this beautiful view – everything was okay again!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

It was so breath-taking, I couldn’t stop gazing out into the ocean (and taking photos!) Tyler loved running up and down the path, luckily daddy kept up with him while I was sat awestruck at the view!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

After about 15 minutes here, we walked towards the exit where there was this miniature model village. Not quite Beconscot, but this gave Tyler his first taste of being a giant, and he was climbing all over them!

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013

And here is the exit (and entrance) – I thought I should take a photo of that big Land’s End sign.

Land's End, Cornwall, 2013
This is when we saw five coach-loads of tourists arrive, and decided to make our move. Our next stop was Bude, which you can read all about here.

Next week, I’ll tell you all about our trip to Yeovil. Have a great week!

Sabrina x

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27 responses to “Toddler Trips #6 – Land’s End

  1. We went to Land’s End with the kids last year. As you say it is one of those places you feel you should visit but I did think it was a bit of a rip off, especially being charged for the photo with the sign. It was quite old school too, posting the photo to you. In these times we are used to getting everything straight away aren’t we?
    It is good fun though, and I love the shot of your son with his beaker. Bless.


    • Yes, if you visit Land’s End, you can’t not take a photo with the famous signpost! It was quite a retro experience, even having the photo framed in those blue cardboard frames you get with school photographs! Oh well, it was an amazing feeling to be on the edge of the country 🙂 xx


  2. I had no idea this place existed! How cool!
    So you aren’t actually allowed to take your own photo as it needs to be taken by the official photographer? 😦

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes


  3. I remember going to Land’s End when I was quite young. It was beautiful. I was sad on my last visit there a few years ago that it has just become so tourist (and money-making) orientated – having to have an “official” photo by the sign is a joke! However, the scenery there really is breath-taking! Thanks for sharing on #SummerDays – hope to see you again next week!


    • I know, it is a shame, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so theme-parkey. We have a photo of my dad at the signpost from the 1970s, so we wanted to recreate it. It was a shock seeing the photographer and a queue! Oh well. At least they can’t change the view, it’s still gets a wow 🙂 xx


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  5. Well I didn’t know that about the sign post! Clever person who though that up to bring in a bit of cash, I love your penguin shot though 😀 Thanks for linking up with #summerdays again xxx


    • Clever person, haha, all the tourists secretly hate that person! I think it was free in the good old days, of well! Thank you, people gave me strange looks, as they usually do when I bring the penguin out! So worth it though 😀 xx


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  8. I LOVE Land’s End, we go there at least a couple times a year, especially for the fireworks they have their in the Summer. Beautiful place and great walks. Gorgeous photos hon!

    Stevie x


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