Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop: Slough, Berkshire

Slough - It's not so bad - The Mummy StylistHere’s something to make you jealous – we have a Krispy Kreme COFFEE SHOP in Slough! Not just a doughnut cabinet in a store, but an actual sit-down cafe, like a Starbucks or Costa! Except you can buy Krispy Kreme doughnut with your latte and sit in their bright pink seats. So so cool 🙂

It’s located under the giant Tesco Extra in Slough, with the entrance right by the Tesco escalators. Every time we do our food shop, we can smell the scent of sugar drifting out from here! I have been wanting to sit in here for ages, but Tyler always kicked up a fuss, I think the smell of sugar was too strong for him. But one day we convinced him, by making him sit by the huge windows facing the A4 so he could watch the traffic. I was so happy we could finally try out this place!

Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop - Slough, Berkshire

Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop - Slough, BerkshireI love the decor inside, the bright pink swivel chairs, the artwork on the wall, the white hanging lampshades – all gives it a modern contemporary feel. Music was playing, so you don’t just hear the sound of cars and Tesco customers. It was quite popular the day we visited, with families coming in after they had done their food shop.

We bought a deal which was 2 doughnuts and a hot drink for £4.50. I fell in love with these mugs – so American! And of course we had to try the new Lotus Caramelised Biscoff doughnut. I can confirm, it was deeeeelicious.

Tyler went for the Triple Chocolate Cake ring. It is more like a cake than a doughnut, and as Tyler is a cake-a-holic, he was happy eating this one. Although he insisted on eating it upside-down. (And don’t worry, we don’t let Tyler eat doughnuts too often!)

Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop - Slough, Berkshire

They gave these to my husband when he ordered – a loyalty card that you get stamped each time you buy a coffee, and after your fifth you get a free doughnut. They also give you a Coffee Club key fob that entitles you to get a coffee for £1.50 before 11am on weekdays. And even their sweeteners are Krispy Kreme branded!

Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop - Slough, Berkshire

I love having the choice of coming here for a coffee instead of the usual High Street coffee shops, and it feels extra special as there aren’t that many Krispy Kreme Coffee Shops in the UK, it’s great that they chose to open in Slough.

Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop, Tesco Extra, Brunel Way, Wellington Street, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1XW
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 8am – 10pm, Sun 10am – 4pm

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2 responses to “Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop: Slough, Berkshire

  1. Oh I love Krispy Kremes, had my first one in Selfridges years ago and it was literally the best doughnut I’ve ever had! A few years ago you couldn’t really get them down here so when I worked in London for 6 weeks in 2007 I indulged in a fair few! It’s a good job I don’t live in Slough because I’d be in there all the time 😉 Thanks for linking up to #LoveWhereILive xx


    • They are my favourite, I don’t think any other brand of doughnut can compare! Haha, you’re right, my husband IS in there all the time – don’t know if that is a good thing! xx


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