Toddler Trips #7 – Yeovil

Yeovil was the last of our stopoffs on our 2013 Summer Roadtrip. We had come from Cornwall and I needed a break from driving back to London, so we chose Yeovil in Somerset, kind of in the middle. For some reason I thought they made cheese there!

Toddler Trips - Yeovil

I think I may have got it mixed up with Yeo Valley. Anyhoo, we had driven from Bude in Cornwall for about 2 hours, and after all the beach days, we planned to have a shopping day in Yeovil. I’ve since discovered that Yeovil is where travellers did stop off on their journey from London to the West Country in the olden days – so we were keeping in with traditions haha!

We’d booked a room at the Green Room hotel on Wine Street. It doesn’t look like the average hotel. The main section in an olde style pub, and they had a separate annexe through the back that had hotel rooms. We had to drive around the back to this industrial side where we could park our car. Luckily our room overlooked the car park so I could keep an eye on my car! We had a really long room, with 2 beds and a shower room. It was contemporary, quite sparsely decorated but for only Β£55, we were happy with it.

We had dinner in the pub, which is actually a 16th century cellar – full of ye olde charm. It was about 8pm so quite late for Tyler, but the staff were really good about it, they were making him laugh and stuff. It almost felt like a night out, with toddler in tow!

The Green Room, Yeovil

In the morning we had breakfast in the same pub, Tyler had rice crispies and milk. Then we checked out and went shopping, as the High Street (called Middle Street) was just along the next road. It was really long from what I remember, every big brand was present, and as we walked down we discovered the Quedam Shopping Centre. We bought lots of new clothes for Tyler hee hee. I’ve written a post about the old Yeovil Woolies store, which is now Primark – you can read that here if you’re interested.

Yeovil Shopping

We had lunch is Starbucks, where Tyler had pasta. We had a lovely view of St John’s Church from inside.

St Johns Church, Yeovil

Now we were shattered after a week-long roadtrip so we made our way home after this. But if we were to visit Yeovil as a first stop, there’s actually quite a lot to do there – here is what I would do on a future visit:

1) Visit Yeovil Railway Centre – oh yes, a little Railway Museum for our train-obsessed boy, he would definitely appreciate this more now.

2) Visit the Fleet Air Museum

3) Visit Sherborne Castle – it’s a short drive away, but looks really fascinating

4) Go walking in Yeovil Country Park

5) Or mostly likely, we would stick the boy in a soft play centre πŸ˜›

What you won’t find in Yeovil is a cheese musuem. What was I thinking?!

Next week, Toddler Trips will be back at the seaside, where I’ll tell you about my first ‘mummy and son’ mini-holiday in Southend-on-Sea. ‘Till then, have a great week and enjoy the heatwave!

Sabrina x

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32 responses to “Toddler Trips #7 – Yeovil

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  2. Love the picture of Tyler – so cheeky!Ive never been to Yeovil but it looks fantastic,I’ll just have to take my own cheese πŸ˜‰ x #picknmix


    • Aw he was in a cheeky mood that morning, throwing his toy pushchair about! I wasn’t expecting much for Yeovil, but it was actually alright! Even without a cheese factory πŸ˜› xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. His moustache top is just the cutest! Now I know you have some Cornwall posts I’ll have to pop back fro a read after I’ve finished catching up on everyone’s links! I’ve never been to Yeovil I may have to go after reading this though πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix Fridays gorgeous x


    • I loved that moustache tee – I was so sad when it didn’t fit him anymore! Ooh yes please do read, I’d love to hear your thoughts as a local πŸ˜€ xx


  4. Great tips, a Tyler is so cute, I have never been to Cornwall but somewhere I would love to visit x


    • Ahh thank you! Oh you must do a holiday in Cornwall one year, it is lovely there, so many seaside towns! Yeovil is actually in Somerset, but a good stopover on the way to or from Cornwall. xx


  5. Lol the bit about you thinking they made cheese there made me giggle! I’ve never been to Yeovil although my husband worked there for a few years….he hated it, hence why we haven’t been back recently! Think he lived in the middle of no-where though, with a lot of ‘local’ people! #summerdays


    • Haha, I know, silly me! It sounds like there should be Yeovil Cheese! I guess there must be boring bits there if you’re not in the town centre – your poor husband! Still it’s a great stopover on the way to/from Cornwall, lots of shopping πŸ™‚ xx


    • Really?! Oh you must do a holiday in Cornwall one year, it is lovely there, so many seaside towns! Yeovil is actually in Somerset, but a good stopover on the way to/from Cornwall. xx


  6. I loved reading this! My husband and all five of our children were born in Yeovil although we no longer live there! It’s funny to think of someone visiting there!! Although I guess some people do. My mum used to do most of her christmas shopping in the old woolies store… I remember it well!!


    • Oh wow, hello locals! I know, it doesn’t sound like a holiday destination, but it’s a good break between London and Cornwall, and apparently travellers did that in the old days too! Middle Street was the main road full of hotels, can you believe it?! Aw I do miss Woolies πŸ˜€


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  8. Love Tylers top πŸ™‚ its very cute. I have never been to Yeovil but sounds great – as does the whole road trip – tempted to plan something similar for the Autumn πŸ™‚ thank you for the inspiration. #Mondayescapes x


    • Cornwall is lovely, but you’re right, it is soooo far! That’s why we needed the stopover trip in Yeovil. Surprisingly lots to do there! xx


  9. I’ve never ever been to Yeovil, but it looks like a really pretty stop to go and visit – plust there’s a castle and a railway centre. Looks like it was a lovely place to stop off. Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes


    • Yes, I was surprised there was stuff to do there, as it was just a stopoff on the way to London for us, but defo want to check out the castle and railway centre next time! xx


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  12. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your roadtrip. Looks like there is plenty to do in Yeovil, if you don’t want to visit a cheese museum that is πŸ˜‰
    Thanks again for linking up with #summerdays (apologies for the delay in my reply x)


    • Aw thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚ I am pleasantly surprised at how much there is to do in Yeovil, even without the cheese haha! xx


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