The day my boy conquered his shyness – thanks Beano!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that Tyler is a very shy boy – group activities with other children have always been his nightmare, hiding behind me whenever anyone tried to talk to him. Well on Tuesday a miracle happened – he lost his shyness!

We had gone to intu Uxbridge for a bit of shopping and to check out the Beano takeover. You see the Beano floor as soon as you walk in from the car park – can’t miss that stripy floor.

Beano Takeover - intu Uxbridge

After a Happy Meal at McDs – we’re on a mission to collect ALL the minions toys – we were on our way to Next where I wanted to do a return. On the way there, intu have a soft play area in between the escalators. Normally Tyler steers well clear of this because of the other children in there. So I was expecting the usual ‘NOOO!’ when I asked him if he wanted to go in. Instead he was like YES and dived straight in. He was laughing and playing with the other kids, taking turns to slide down, just being free! Not shy! Ahhh – I was amazed! He didn’t want to leave, after about 20 minutes, I dragged him out.

intu Uxbridge Soft Play

We walked through the shopping centre where they had the Beano colouring event. Again with these activities that shopping centres organise, Tyler normally shies away – other kids, nooooo! Well this time he went straight in and ran around first. I said to him, come on, let’s do some colouring! And he actually sat down and properly concentrated. Amazing!

Beano Takeover - intu Uxbridge

There were 4 little tables, each with 4 chairs, a pot of Crayola felt tip pens and lots of Crayola crayons. Each table had sheet of ‘Gnasher’ from Beano to colour in. Around the sides were those long gym benches that remind you of school – a nice touch. I guess that was for the parents to sit on, but I got stuck in too – well it does seem that adult colouring-in is the latest trend!

Beano Takeover - intu Uxbridge

Next thing you know, a little girl sat opposite us. Normally this would freak Tyler out and he’d hide behind me. This time he was absolutely fine! He got a bit funny when she used the felt tip pens, and I said to Tyler, that’s ok, we are SHARING! So then it was ok. What a miracle, my boy is not shy anymore!

Beano Takeover - intu Uxbridge

We said hello to the Beano girl at the entrance, looking really cool in her red and black stripy tee. She told us about the intu Kids Club, which I hadn’t signed Tyler up for before as he was not into group things. But now we can join in group activities! I filled in our details on a form, and Tyler got a backpack of goodies in return. He was well happy, and so was I as it was all free!

Beano Takeover - intu Uxbridge Kids Club

We popped into Debenhams as I wanted to check out the sale. And I’m glad I did, I bought this gorgeous Jasper Conran jacket for Tyler. He already has the yellow one which has lasted years, so this is the next size up at age 3-4. I let Tyler choose blue or green, and he went for green (good because I like the green better!) and it was down from £24.99 to £16.40. Happy days 🙂

Debenhams Sale  Jasper Conran Green Boys Kids Jacket - intu uxbridge

Beano Takeover - intu UxbridgeIf you fancy checking out the Beano takeover at intu Uxbridge, it’s on until 16th August and these are the next activities:

Now – Fri 7th Aug, 11am – 5pm : Beano Colouring Fun
Sat 8th – Sun 9th Aug, 11am-5pm : The Prank Academy
Mon 10th – Thurs 13th Aug, 11am-5pm : Joke Wall
Fri 14th Aug, 11am-5pm : Dennis the Menace visits!
Sat 15th Aug, 11am-5pm : Cartoon Workshops

Address: intu Uxbridge, High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1LA (next to Uxbridge Tube and Bus station)

Sabrina x

Intu Uxbridge Retailologist   Please note: I have not been paid to write this – I just love Uxbridge! 🙂


A Cornish Mum

6 responses to “The day my boy conquered his shyness – thanks Beano!

  1. Wow ! That certainly was a big turnaround !
    Do you have any idea why he came around this particular day ? What had changed ?
    I know that shyness can be so painful for children (I suffer myself) and equally painful for the parents who suffer on the child’s behalf.
    It is always a difficult line to tread between encouraging the child and over-facing them, picking playdates carefully, checking the number of children at a party will be manageable before accepting etc and always such a relief when they do step out of their comfort zone long enough to realise that socialising can be fun.
    I am so glad you got a breakthrough and hope it continues 🙂
    Sarah x


    • I know exactly what you mean Sarah, as I was an extremely shy child, and I saw so much of myself in how Tyler was. Because of that, I never forced him into group situations and was always telling him positive things in his ear when he seemed afraid of other children like “that boy is just playing, he’s not going to hurt you” but like in a gentle voice. Since last month I noticed he was laughing a lot more at the children playing together but not joining in. He was really enjoying watching them. So I guess last Tuesday just happened to be the day he wasn’t scared of the other children anymore and joined in. It just happened to be at the shopping centre! I like to think it’s those gentle whisperings I made his ear that helped 🙂 xx


  2. Brilliant! My eldest was always very shy as well and used to make me smile so much when he forgot to be shy 🙂 oh and I LOVE Debenhams 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie xx


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