Toddler Trips #11 – Oxford

Last month, I got a TwoTogether Railcard with my husband so we could make daytrips by train and get 30% off the train ticket price. Tyler still goes free as he is under 5. The first place we visited with our new railcard was Oxford. It’s 40 minutes on the fast train from Slough and cost us £10 each for a return ticket.toddler-trips-oxford

Now I had been last year, just me and Tyler. It was quite busy and touristy. So this time as a family, I knew where to go. These are my top tips for a daytrip to Oxford avoiding the crowds.

1) When you come out of Oxford train station, turn right and walk down Botley Rd/Park End St. This is the less busy route towards the town centre. We stopped for a waterside tapas lunch at Las Iguanas, by Castle Mill Stream. They have outdoor seating by the stream and as you’re not quite in the centre of town, it’s not so packed. We had the outdoors all to ourselves which was lovely, especially with the sun shining. Tyler was taking a nap so it was like my husband and I were on a date 🙂

Las Iguanas, Oxford

2) Walk down Lower Fisher Row (basically the road behind Las Iguanas), and you’ll find lots of character houses and a view of Oxford Castle. There an interesting history to this area, detailed on a signpost, including a mill that existed here in the olden days.

Oxford, Lower Fisher Row

3) Walk to the left, down St Thomas St, and you’ll end up at the Oxford Castle Quarter.  It’s a new and modern area, with loads of bars and restaurants, but the main bit is the Oxford Castle Unlocked which is a spooky visitor attraction. We didn’t go in, but just looking at it from the outside sent shivers down my spine!

4) Walk down Castle St and you’ll end up at the Westgate Shopping Centre. It’s very retro with it’s gold light fittings, but it’s having a major refurb, with work already started. For now, they have a huge Primark inside – yes a Primark in Oxford! I had to have a little browse 😉

5) When you come out of Westgate, you’ll end up on Queen St which leads to the centre of town and the university and museums. It is very crowded and touristy! You just have to be patient and walk very slowly! We had a wander through the ‘Covered Market’ and then walked slowly down the High Street. Here is a very old fashioned post box we saw!


And the High Street is full of beautiful, colourful buildings!

Oxford High Street

6) About a 10/15 minute walk down the High St, you’ll end up at the River Cherwell, where you can go punting. Tyler really enjoyed watching the boats. There is nowhere to sit here though, so we went inside the neighbouring Botanic Gardens. It’s £5 per adult to get in, which we thought was a bit much. But it was so worth it! Once inside, you are away from the crowds and it’s so peaceful! You can walk along the river and walk into the gardens which are landscaped beautifully. I really recommend a visit.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

Oxford Botanic Gardens

There is a little water fountain in the centre, where Tyler spent ages running round it and chatting to the resident duck. I didn’t mind, we got to have a sit down on the bench.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

They have a glasshouse where fruit trees grow, it really is lovely inside.

Oxford Botanic Gardens

They even grow grapefruit!

Oxford Botanic Gardens

7) Walk back up the High St and turn right down Castle St. This takes you through the famous university buildings, such as Radciffe Camera, the Bodleian Library and the Bridge of Sighs. You can feel the history of the area, walking through here.

Oxford Bridge of Sighs

8) Walk down Broad St and then George St and this brings you back to Oxford Station.

And that concludes my tips on where to go on a daytrip in Oxford.

Next week is my final post of the Toddler Trips series – 12 weeks really has gone quickly! I hope you have enjoyed the series. The last post will be about a daytrip to Newbury. Until then, have a great week!

Sabrina x

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33 responses to “Toddler Trips #11 – Oxford

  1. I’ve only been to Oxford once before and I wasn’t that impressed but I love this guide – I might have to go again if only to visit that tapas restaurant 🙂 #summerdays


    • Haha, you sound like me on my first visit! But second time around was much better as I knew which parts to avoid. And yes definitely recommend Las Iguanas – they do happy hour from noon too – good for a sneaky lunchtime cocktail 😉 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve only been to Oxford once before and that was to queue up in HMV to meet Darius (remember him?!)…I’d like to visit again and actually see some of the touristy bits! #summerdays xx


    • Haha Darius – whatever happened to him?! It is a nice daytrip, they have so many beautiful buildings, and lots of history. It’s really different from other places I’ve visited x


  3. I always love reading your toddler trips posts! This was a particularly interesting one for me as I grew up in Oxford. I’ve never been to the botanic gardens- they definitely sound worth a visit! When Tyler’s older, I’d definitely recommend punting on the river and visiting some of the museums- the Ashmolean and the Pitt Rivers/Natural History Museum are great 🙂 #SummerDays


    • Thank you so much, I’m so glad! I alway like hearing from a local too 🙂 Thanks for the tips, we’ll definitely visit the museums when he’s older, and maybe punting – although I am a bit terrified of falling in the water! xx


  4. I love visiting the Botanic Garden in winter. The summer flowers have gone but it’s great to go inside the big warm glasshouses when it’s freezing cold outside. Cheaper as well I think. PS – I live between Oxford and Newbury so look forward to your next post! #Mondayescapes


    • In winter, ooh that’s different! I imagine it’s got a magical, wintry feel to it then! Ahh a local – I’m writing up Newbury today, love it there! xx


  5. I used to live in Oxford, so lovely to see it from a visitor’s perspective – I agree the Botanic Gardens are wonderful, and I’m a big fan of the covered market too. But it’s a great city just to wander and soak up the beautiful buildings. I’d add the Museum of Natural History as well, which is free, and brilliant with kids although a bit further out.


    • Ahhh another local! There is so much history in the city, I loved walking through it all! Thanks for the tip about the natural history museum – we’ll have to come back another day for that one! xx


  6. I don’t live for from Oxford but rarely visit as it’s always rammed with tourists, but with a little one I can thoroughly recommend the Natural History Museum if you go again. It’s free and they have dinosaurs and very kiddie friendly. The Ashmoleon is also very good with children #MondayEscapes


    • Yes the tourists – I had no idea it was so popular before I visited! Ooh and another tip about the Natural History Museum – it must be good 😀 Will definitely have to come back for a day out there! Thank you xx


  7. It’s so gorgeous and quaint. I’ve been meaning to visit (I’ve only ever been to Bicester Village in Oxford). Lovely shot of your husband throwing Tyler up in the air xx #MondayEscapes


    • That’s the word – quaint! It’s nice, as long as you avoid the crowds. There is so much history there, I love walking around. Ahhh, he’s always throwing him in the air – good arm exercise haha! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. We went to Oxford for the first time in June, it’s beautiful but was so busy when we went! We did the castle tour 🙂 Love your photos, thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie xx


  9. Oxford looks like such a beautiful place to visit, looks like you’ve had a fantastic day out! Shame it’s a bit far from us to make it a daytrip. Thanks for linking up with #summerdays x


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  11. Savings this! I’m going to be in Oxford at the end of the year and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my kids while there – now I know! Thank you! 🙂


    • Are you really, that’s fab! I hear it’s less busy at winter time, so actually that’s a good time to go. A lot of the comments from the locals say to visit the Natural History Museum in Oxford too, so add that to your list! xx


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