Seaside Apartment Decor that will make you go WOW!

For this week’s Home post, I’m going to share with you photos of our amazing holiday apartment we stayed in last week, at St Leonards in East Sussex. It truly had the WOW factor as we walked in. The flat was on the top floor of a traditional Victorian seafront house, which looked a little shabby on the outside. There were a LOT of stairs to climbs and I was really out of breath at the top – I was like this better be worth it. And it so was – truly beautifully styled. On entering we saw the two bedrooms. The master looked like this:


The huge bay windows faced directly onto the seafront – we could wake up and see the sea, my dream come true! By the bed the owner had hung 30s style attire that does scream English seaside! And I loved the bed frame and upcycled bedside cabinets. It had that 30s Art Deco feel.


Then there were the quirky additions, like the dog lampshade, roller skates (which Tyler rode around like toy cars!), a rhino on the wall, lipstick wall sticker and a fabric wall hanging.


The second bedroom faced the cliffs behind the apartment and had two single beds with seaside style bedding. Tyler and my sister shared this room. It was great as Tyler actually slept the night in this room for the whole holiday – a miracle!


The hallway had this huge vintage print, and a door that opened up to stairs leading to the living room and kitchen.


And when we reached the upstairs, that is when all 3 of us went ‘Wow!’ and Tyler went nuts running up and down.



As you can see it was open plan, but the surprise was having 2 outside areas – one at the front facing the sea, and the other at the back facing the cliffs. It was amazing!


The back:


Inside, the decor was exactly how I would style an apartment, white walls and furniture with pops of colour. (Those are my own inflatable flamingos and palm tree – I bring them everywhere with me 😉 )


Living Room

What I noticed is how the artwork is framed, they are alternated in black and then white frames so it’s not so harsh. I had never considered white frames before, but now I will.  And the kitchen had lots of quirky decor too.


If you fancy staying here, I totally recommend it. To have the seafront on your doorstep plus staying in this stylish apartmet made it our favourite seaside holiday yet! We booked it for £95 a night in August 2015 through airbnb here.

I have been very inspired to tidy up my home since staying in this apartment. My home has become a mess since I’ve started blogging this year, it’s really hard to keep it tidy! I did a huge online Ikea shop when we got back from our hols so that we have more storage to put all our bits and bobs. And hopefully I can make my home as beautiful as this one! I’ll share that with you next week.

Sabrina x

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32 responses to “Seaside Apartment Decor that will make you go WOW!

  1. Such an amazing place to stay! I would never have thought to book an apartment for an English break, I’m more of a hotel gal but this is actually somewhere I could see myself staying. Looks like the kids enjoyed it too xx


    • Ahh I love staying in apartments, especially having my toddler, it just is more relaxing having a kitchen and living area 🙂 Definitely recommend it 🙂 xx


  2. I totally agree with Esther above, if I ever went there I would never leave!! It’s absolutely stunning, what a perfect vacation spot (and very indicative of the great space to be found via AIrBnB too) x #HomeEtc


  3. That really is a gorgeous holiday home. I love the wallpaper in the bedroom. It’s so nice when you go somewhere that the owners have made an effort to personalise rather than the usual bland, neutrals. I do love a bit of colour – especially when I’m on holiday! #HomeEtc


  4. Yes that is a WOW place isn’t it?! The colour! I really need more colour in my home. So bland! Love this place and looks so perfect. Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated lovely 🙂 Jess xx



  5. I love all the quirky pops of colour! How fab! I think renting a home/flat is the way forward when traveling with little ones – just so much more relaxed when you can put them to bed and enjoy the rest of the home with them fast asleep. I’m a sucker for seaside decor #homeetc


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