5 things you never knew about Slough Station…

Slough - It's not so bad - The Mummy StylistSlough Station – why on earth would I write a post about this? I’m sure most commuters hate it, squeezing out of their packed trains and trying to get out! But for Tyler, this is one of his favourite places to go – somewhere he can sit and watch endless trains, and where we catch our trains on days out.

We can see it from our apartment window too, and most weekends we see steam trains running through, as well as super-long trains carrying new cars, freight trains, high speed trains, little trains – you name it, they all come through Slough station! But did you know that Slough Station also has a really interesting history? Here are 5 things I bet you never knew…

Slough Station

  1. Did you know that Slough Station had Queen Victoria visit back for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1897? It was looking very grand then, with this photo showing the Royal Family about to commence their journey by carriage from Slough Station to Windsor Castle.

Slough Station 1897

Source: Slough History Online

Here’s Tyler in front of that same station, over 100 years later. Amazing to think that happened on this exact spot!

Slough Station

Here is another photo from 1905, and you can see the station looks almost exactly the same as above, even the chimneys are still there.

Slough Station 1905

Source: Slough History Online

Here’s a close-up of the clock and the roof detail today. It’s actually a really beautiful piece of architecture, and I love the little porthole windows.

Slough Station

2. Did you know that the present Slough Station opened in 1884? It was actually Slough’s fifth station, built in a French Renaissance style favoured by  the Great Western Railway in the 1880s.

Slough Station 1884

Source: telegraph.co.uk

3. Now here is an interesting fact. Did you know that in the early 1800s, there was no station at Slough because of opposition from Eton College?! They were worried the temptations of London would be too easily accessible for their students! There was an Act with a clause which forbade the construction of a station within 3 miles of Eton College without the permission of the Provost and Fellows of the school. But trains still stopped in Slough to pick up passengers, even without a station, and they bought their tickets from the nearby North Star Tavern. Eventually the first station got built in 1840.

Slough Station

4. Another fact – did you know Queen Victoria took her first ever train journey from London Paddington to Slough in 1842? The journey to Windsor was continued by horse and carriage. The Slough to Windsor train line was later built for the Queen to travel to Windsor more easily. And to think, Tyler and I use this line all the time when we get on a train to Windsor, for £2.50 – on a real royal route!

There also used to be a grand Royal Hotel opposite the station, but when the Slough to Windsor train line was built, people stopped using it and it just went out of business. It got demolished and I think that is now where Slough Bus Station is.

Slough Station

Here are some more interesting details from inside the station. See, if you look a bit closer whenever you’re standing around waiting for a train, have a look for these little glimpses of history.

Slough Station

5. Did you know there’s a stuffed dog that over 100 years old on display on Platform 5 of Slough Station? He’s called Station Jim and he died suddenly in 1896.

Station Jim, Slough

You can read more about Station Jim below, it’s quite fascinating. I look at this dog when I’m waiting for a train to London and I still can’t believe he was a real dog!

Station Jim, Slough

Here’s Tyler at the back entrance of the station. This side is a little less loved today, but I still like looking at it.

Slough Station

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little history lesson. It just goes to show, every town has an interesting history – even Slough!

Sabrina x

For more great things to do and see in Slough, visit themummystylist.com/slough

A Cornish Mum

8 responses to “5 things you never knew about Slough Station…

  1. Hi Sabrina and Tyler, this is a nice post! I lived in Slough for about 10yrs and loved it. Its a nice little Town, I don’t know why people knock it. I love Station Jim – he is cool and so are Tylers photos! Star in the making x #PicknMix


    • Ahhh I had no idea, I’m so glad you liked living here. We like it so far, it’s been a year for us and it’s great watching all the changes being made before our eyes – it’s going to look much better in the next few years. Station Jim freaked me out at first, but now I feel he’s really part of the station! Aw thank you about Tyler 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. there used to be way more platforms at Slough station once upon a time – you can see the signs of some of them, even though they are long gone. There used to be one at the Maidenhead end of Five – you can still see maintenance vehicles parked there sometimes. Between three and four, there were two more, one at each end. You can see where they were because the roof stops over these areas. Finally, there was one at the London end of Platform two – the opposite of the Windsor one. So once there were ten platforms in total, rather than the current six (I don’t really understand why six still exists – I think I’ve only ever used it about twice & there is barely ever a train there).


    • Our flat overlooks the station, and yes I can see where there must have been more platforms. They’ve just got rid of platform 6, we can see them doing Crossrail or electrification works there every weekend – it is noisy! All change happening at Slough!


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