Me and Mine – August

This month, we managed to get loads of photos of the three of us, thanks to my sister coming along on our family holiday to Hastings. We had the best time, I’ll be writing up a ‘Toddler Trips’ guide to Hastings very soon. I love a good English seaside 😀

Aug3  Aug1Aug4Aug2

August has flown by, as it always does when you’re having fun. A lot has happened this month, including me featuring in a Style at Home magazine shoot for their Christmas issue (out October 28th!), our holiday in Hastings where we stayed in the most beautiful apartment, so inspiring that I ordered a whole lot of Ikea furniture and have been building crazy this bank holiday weekend. It’s looking good so far – there’s been some sneak peeks on my facebook/instagram page if your interested.

And the most exciting news of all is that Tyler is pretty must potty-trained, in just one week! (With the help of my mum and some bubbles!)

That’s it for now, let’s see what September brings. Anyone else liking the new X Factor? We’re liking it so far 😀

Sabrina x
dear beautiful


2 responses to “Me and Mine – August

  1. Blimey thats amazing, well done Tyler and such lovely photos its such a shame summer has flown so much isn’t it? But all such great memories x


    • Thank you, I’m so relieved it wasn’t that hard to potty train him – I was putting it off for so long! Yes, summer did fly by, I can’t believe it. It feels like it was June only yesterday! xx


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