Baby Boy clothes to Age 3-4 in Zara – HURRAY!

I have the most exciting news in terms of toddler fashion. Last season, I was having a moan about boys clothes. The way since Tyler is now in age 3-4 clothes, this means that in most high street retailers we have to shop in the boys section, not baby anymore. And the choice is suddenly not cute, you get all the angry dinosaurs and the grungy grey look. But I still want my boy to look cute. I just didn’t understand why the baby boy section didn’t go up to age 4.

Well imagine my surprise when I went into Zara this week and hey presto, they’ve announced a new size in Baby Boy – AGE 3-4 – YES!!! All the cutest clothes ever, and now I can buy them for my boy 😀

Zara AW 2015 Age 3-4 New Size

I love their quirky designs, and their trouser are smart yet still comfy, with their joggers having a tweed or herringbone pattern. I wanted to buy everything! I’ve put together my Top 8 from their new AW15 range for now.

Zara AW15 New Size Age 3-4

And here’s Tyler playing hide and seek in the store.
“I hiding”
He’s not very good, is he 😉

Zara AW15 New Size Age 3-4


7 responses to “Baby Boy clothes to Age 3-4 in Zara – HURRAY!

    • Yes, fellow Zara fan! Ahh 7 months, she must be in the cutey-sized clothes 😀 Yes, girls too are extended to 3-4 (sorry I was very biased in this post as I have a boy!) xx


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