Tyler’s Toddler Style #1 : Campervans!

As Autumn is here, I thought I’d get back into sharing Tyler’s cutie outfits. Plus now that he’s a bit older, he’s saying ‘cheese’ when I take a photo – this makes pulling these toddler fashion posts together a lot more fun! For this post Tyler’s outfit of the week is a summer one, as it was actually a lovely day on Sunday. We went for an urban background here in Slough – keeping it real 😉



The T-Shirt is from Next, which he absolutely loves as it has campervans on it. Here’s a close-up of the print – isn’t it gorgeous?! Please excuse the wrinkles – I don’t do ironing 😛


The grey trousers are from H&M. The shoes are from Next, but I actually bought them from a lady off Ebay. Basically Tyler had these shoes in navy and orange in a size 6, and would only wear them or nothing – otherwise he would throw the biggest tantrum ever. They lasted a whole year and were ridiculously battered. Oh the tears when he wasn’t a size 6 anymore! And a disaster, they were last season’s style in Next so I could not find them in any stores. Luckily I found a size 7 on Ebay, a lovely lady had bought the wrong size so they were brand new – thank god!



Here’s the boy before we went out into town. He was wearing his jeans from Next here, which have a green palm tree print on the turn-ups – very tropical! We had to change these into the grey trousers above when he had a little accident in Tesco 😛


Campervan T-Shirt – Next – £6
Grey Trousers – H&M – £4 (half price sale, were £8)
Jeans – Next – £11
Shoes – Next (via Ebay) – £12

I love this outfit on Tyler, the T-Shirt just reminds me of summer days, and we’re trying to squeeze out the last days of summer before it’s too cold to wear T-Shirts! Although I’m sure we can keep wearing them indoors if we whack the heating up!

Sabrina x
The Knott Bump & Us


16 responses to “Tyler’s Toddler Style #1 : Campervans!

  1. I love the campervan top! I am about to have the same issue with my daughter she a favourite pair of pumps she always wears and they are fast becoming too small and were originally bought in the sale in new look last year so I literally have no hope of finding them again, ever! #TT_Thursday


    • Oh gosh I feel your pain! The new ones we found have a blue sole instead of orange, so he was still making a fuss. In the end we had to hide the old ones so he had no choice! xx


  2. We love you keeping it real on the streets of Slough….I’ll be doing the same in Basingstoke 😉 the campervan top is epic! It’s great nabbing deals from EBay as well 🙂 #TT_Thursday x


  3. Super cute! Your so lucky your still getting summer days, we are in Scotland and I think we’ve had about 2 days of summer haha! ps, I don’t do ironing either 😀 x


  4. That camper van tee is really fun! Love the colours and the image print. It really suits him. Your photos are so lovely. Loving his ‘cheeeeese’ smile! Also loving his hair. How much of a dude does he look! Yay for eBay bargains. Thanks so much for linking up with us and apologies for the post holiday delayed response! #weekendministyle PS. I don’t do ironing either!!!


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