Vintage 50s Style Cafe Decor… in Slough

As regular readers know, I’ve been writing a post each week on good, family-friendly places to visit in Slough. This week’s post is more from an interiors point of view. There’s a random 50s style cafe in town, that plays 50’s music and has staff dressed in a diner-style uniform. And it’s none other than inside our giant Tesco Extra. Very random. We went in there last weekend as Tyler wanted chips.


We ordered at the counter at the entrance (the menu was of the American Cheeseburger style, and children’s lunchboxes from the fridge), and we were give a stick with our number and could choose where we wanted to sit. It is huge inside, with huge choice of window seats.

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

I really loved the decor, the shiny red and turquoise wooden chairs, the light shades made of colanders. I guess whenever decor is brand new, it does look nice anyway!

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

There were booths in the centre that had this crate print on the sides which looked really stylish.

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

The plants were a nice touch, a bit of nature in this urban town.

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

If I did have a house, I think I would style my kitchen to be like a 50s style diner, I’ve always liked this style – I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I liked Back To The Future so much in my youth 😛

If you’re wondering what the food was like – it was good. Gourmet burger with lots of coleslaw, and Tyler approved of the chips.

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

I’m not quite sure what to make of the cafe. The atmosphere is strange, the customers were almost in a zombie-like state after doing their Tesco shop, and with the 50s music playing, it was kind of eerie. I heard the ladies behind our table say, it’s nice but shame about the view. It’s true, obviously Tyler loves it because of the cars and buses, but you can see for yourself in the below photo. My thoughts, well it’s not 1950, we’re not in America – it’s 2015 and we’re in Slough. Maybe Tesco wanted to cheer Slough up. It certainly is beautifully decorated, don’t you think?

The Cafe, Tesco, Slough, 50s Style

If you fancy visiting a 50s cafe for some American burgers, come to Tesco Extra on Wellington Street, Slough.

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12 responses to “Vintage 50s Style Cafe Decor… in Slough

  1. That’s really nice styling, quite different from the usual supermarket cafes! Food looks delicious too! I have a 50’s style American diner near me and it looks great with its red walls and black and white checkerboard floor.


  2. Oh I do love the 1950s style of pretty much anything! I give them plaudits for effort but they’ll probably never quite shake of their Tesco shackles X #HomeEtc


  3. I love this and what a random little place to have in the middle of a Tesco Extra, much nicer than our local Tesco cafe. I love the 1950’s diner style, I’m a huge booth fan! xx


  4. I used to LOVE that Tesco Extra!!! That’s the one with a hair-dresser, dry cleaner and Krispy Kreme shop downstairs isn’t it?! I don’t think they had the café when I was last there! Thanks so much for linking up to #HomeEtc


    • Oh yes I bet you miss this Tesco! Yes it’s got all that downstairs and the Royal Sweets shop my husband is a big fan of! It was just the ordinary Tesco cafe just last year – had a major refurb, all in the blink of an eye! xx


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