7 Baby/Child-Friendly Coffee Shops in Slough

I have always loved going to coffee shops with Tyler since he was a baby, it was a way of getting out of the house and feeling like the person you were before children. Being able to see other grown-ups, meet friends. I loved sitting with a coffee while he sat in a highchair having his lunch. I’d have pretend conversations with him, and I loved watching the wonder in his eyes as he people-watched. Nowadays I do the same with Lily and she loves it, sipping her little babycino and dipping her biscuits in my tea. Here are 7 nice, clean, baby and kid-friendly coffee shops that we like in Slough:


1) Sainsbury’s Cafe

Pictured above was my fave coffee shop to go with Tyler, and probably not one you would immediately think of. It’s the cafe inside Sainsbury’s, which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the High Street. It’s not trendy-looking, just your ordinary supermarket cafe, but why he loved it was the awesome view of all the cars and buses going by. They have loads of tables and comfy chairs along the window. They have highchairs, and there are loos and baby-change just around the corner.

It’s not too busy on the weekdays which is nice, so I used to take him after going to playgroup on Monday mornings, mooch around the home and clothing department before coming to the cafe for a babycino and a cuppa. Sometimes we’d have chips – they do the chunky sort in a bowl. The service reminds me of a builders cafe, a bit slow and laid-back, and it’s your luck who you get making the coffees. Nowadays I bring the kids here sometimes after school for a kids meal – chicken nuggets, chips, peas, a piece of fruit and a drink for £3.

Sainsbury’s, Uxbridge Road, Slough SL1 1SU

2) Starbucks

Starbucks is Lily’s fave coffee shop in Slough, she loves to sit on the sofa with me, and gets so excited when a bus goes by the huge floor to ceiling windows. Tyler was exactly the same, in fact we came here when we were checking out Slough before we moved here (pictured abover right, December 2013). Lily is wearing the same jumper that Tyler wore on his first visit here in her photo.

I love this Starbucks as the staff are friendly it is big and airy, there is a lot of seating choice, there are highchairs available and there are loos and baby change at the back. Sometimes they don’t charge the kids for milk, sometimes they do. I love getting a Chai Tea Latte or a Caramel Macchiato. There’s not much for kids choice food-wise, so I usually get them a muffin or a brownie – they do really good brownies. The best seats are the sofas by the window, and you can share with whoever’s sitting opposite, they usually don’t mind.

Starbucks, 146/149 High Street, Slough SL1 1JP

3) The Cafe – Tesco


The cafe inside Tesco is really stylishly-decorated, you almost forget you are in Tesco. It’s on the left-hand side, past all the tills. They serve Costa coffee here, but it depends who you get making it whether it tastes of the real thing or not – pot luck! They do a kids packed lunch deal, but the fridge is always empty when we go, or you can order hot food like pizza and chips, very small portions though. We usually go for milk and a slice of cake, and a latte for me. When Lily was little, I’d bring Ella’s Kitchen pouches with me. There’s a red chesterfield sofa by the kitchen, there’s a few booths, loads of highchairs and loads of tables and chair along the windows so the kids can watch the cars go by. Loos and baby-change inside Tesco. I wrote about the cafe when it first opened here, so you can see some more photos.

The Cafe inside Tesco Extra, Brunel Way, Wellington St, Slough SL1 1XW

4) Costa

There are two Costas in Slough, one inside Debenhams facing the High Street and one inside the shopping centre. Actually, there’s one on the Farnham Road too but we haven’t been to that one. The one inside Debenhams is nice but it is very popular, always busy so you have a grab a seat when you see one. The seating is quite crowded so it is tricky navigating a pushchair. There are highchairs available.

If you have kids, it’s better to go to the other Costa which is opposite Claires Accessories, as they have a huge open seating area in the shopping centre. So you order inside and then take your drinks out to this area. They have highchairs there, and there are loos inside. Can’t remember if there is babychange, but they definitely do in the shopping centre loos. Food-wise, it’s similar to Starbucks so I usually go for a muffin. They do babycinos for little ones in the cutest little takeaway cups.

Costa Queensmere Centre, Unit 66, Slough SL1 1DG
Costa Debenhams, 115 High Street, Slough SL1 1DN

5) Krispy Kreme Donut Shop


I’ve been here many a time when Tyler went through his iced doughnut obsession when he started Reception. Nowadays it more of a once-a-month treat, they do really good lattes and they have now opened the windows so you can actually see the doughnuts being made! That’s reason enough to have a coffee here, it’s like watching magic! They don’t have highchairs, so when Lily was a baby, she would stay in her buggy, or I would lay her on the couch seating by the window. Tyler loved watching the buses go by, so the view keeps kids occupied. If you need baby-change, just pop upstairs to Tesco.

Krispy Kreme Slough, Tesco Extra, Brunel Way, Wellington Street, Slough SL1 1XW

6) Cafe Pausa in Dunelm


Dunelm opened recently in Slough, with it’s shiny new Cafe Pausa upstairs. It’s bright and colourful, overlooking the store. There’s a kids menu and highchairs available. When we were there, we went for the scones and tea deal (yum!) and Lily had a babycino in a baby tea-cup. You do have to drive to get here as it’s not in the town centre, just a little way down the Bath Road. There is a nice atmosphere here on weekday mornings as it’s not too busy and you’ll see other mums and babies there too.

Cafe Pausa, Dunelm, Unit C Westgate Retail Park, Slough SL1 5PS 

7) Cafe – The Curve

This one is baby-friendly in that it is on the ground floor, they do have highchairs and baby-change, and they have kids books for children to look through. But the Curve is a library so you do feel you have to be quiet. If you’ve got noisy kids, I’d give this one a miss. Unless it’s summer, then you can sit on the benches in their garden area which is quite pretty. The coffee I had here was quite bitter, again I think it’s luck who you get serving you. It is a lovely space though, very bright and airy.

Cafe – The Curve, William Street, Slough SL1 1XY

So those are 7 baby and child friendly coffee shops in Slough. There are a few independents in town, but they don’t look particularly welcoming to me. It would be nice if that new Rickshaw Road place opened in the day and served proper Chai Teas – maybe they will in the future. I would like to mention Gaudios on Stoke Road, they do amazing lattes for just £1. It’s not got any seating suitable for kids, bar stools inside and metal tables and chairs outside, but good for a takeaway coffee.

I hope you found this useful, and if you know of any other good coffee shops, whether in Slough or elsewhere, that is worth going to, please do let us know in the comments!

Sabrina x

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