Easy Toddler Gingerbread Man Activity

This activity is so simple – we had bought a ‘Make your own Gingerbread Man’ kit from Sainsbury’s. Well I hadn’t intended too, but Tyler just put it into our basket, and it was only £1.50, so I thought why not?!

Sainsbury's Make your own Gingerbread Man Kit

The other day Tyler got it out of the cupboard, eager to eat the smarties-like sweets. I said, no no no, we have to put them on the gingerbread man! I did one first to show him what I meant. Then for the next few, he held the green icing while I directed and squeezed it, as it was a bit too stiff for a toddler to squeeze. He put the buttons on and I put the sprinkles on. Tyler was so so pleased with himself.

Sainsbury's Make your own Gingerbread Man Kit

I got a bit creative and made a few girl ones too. Here they all are:

Sainsbury's Make your own Gingerbread Man Kit

A really fun activity, and so easy as everything was in the kit. For £1.50 that’s really not that bad. And I haven’t been paid by Sainsbury’s to write this, it really was just a random purchase!

Sabrina x


14 responses to “Easy Toddler Gingerbread Man Activity

  1. I saw something similar to this recently and wondered if my little one might like to try it. Definitely something to keep in mind for when we’re stuck indoors x


  2. We love cookie decorating! At Christmas we all have a little competition then eat each other’s. I love how Tyler’s have turned out, they look yummy.
    Thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week x


  3. Fun! We throw a cookie decorating party every winter, so I end up with literally over 100 decorated gingerbread men (and women) to admire. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


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