Tyler’s Toddler Style #3 – Dada Blue

We’ve gone for a supermarket photo shoot today. Not intentional, but Tyler was being a bit of a pain – not wanting to sit in the trolley and just wanting to walk round and round the fridges in Lidl. So I left my husband to do the shopping while I kept an eye on the boy. That’s when I thought, hey, why don’t I take some photos!


The outfit is based on a blue jumper that is the same colour blue as his daddy’s jumper. When Tyler was about 20 months, he started to say the names of colours, and for some reason he always called blue ‘Dada Blue’ – I like to think it’s because of Daddy’s jumper, but who knows!

IMG_1921 IMG_1922

The jumper was a present from Tyler’s uncle. It actually had a mock shirt collar like this, but Tyler refused to wear it!


Luckily the mock shirt was easy to unpick, so I removed it to make it like a regular jumper.

Here we are at the bus stop outside Lidl after I dragged Tyler out screaming as he wanted stay in the supermarket. The bus stop calmed him down, as he does love buses.


Then I spotted my husband come out with the trolley, so I captured it in this photo. Good, hey?! And see the matching jumpers!


Back in the trolley while we loaded my car up.


I teamed the jumper with his M&S jeans, which he has been wearing for the whole of this year! They ride up short now when he sits, but when he stands they are the right length. The knees are ripped from so much wear, but I think it looks quite cool. And of course, his trusty blue shoes make an appearance again!

Jumper with mock shirt – Next – £14
Jeans – M&S Outlet – £4
Trainers – Next via Ebay – £12

It’s nice to wear jumpers again now that it’s Autumn, all snug and cosy, don’t you think?

Sabrina x
The Knott Bump & Us


26 responses to “Tyler’s Toddler Style #3 – Dada Blue

  1. Aw, it’s so cute that he calls it Dada blue! Gorgeous outfit, love the jumper. I really like the capture of his Dad in the background with the matching jumper! X


  2. You’re so clever unpicking the mock shirt so that he would wear it, genius! Loving the colour of the jumper and the jeans. I am all about the ripped jeans, so am loving the wear and tear! What a good idea to take photos out ‘on location’, much more fun for the little ones huh! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you have a fab weekend lovey 🙂 #weekendministyle


    • Haha, it had actually been sitting in the drawers for months until I had that brainwave. Talk about delayed reaction! And he loves it now, it’s really comfy. Hee hee, glad you’re liking the ‘location’ shots! xx


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