How to make a Halloween Octopus

Yes that’s right, a Halloween OCTOPUS! I had a stash of wool and some stick-on eyes and made this little creation.

Halloween Octopus

What you need is wool (in orange, neon yellow, black and white), stick-on eyes, kitchen foil, black ribbon, cardboard (approx 30cm long) and some scissors.

Halloween Octopus

Here are the steps:

  1. Snip a cut in the cardboard where you can attach the end of the wool. Then wind the wool round and round the card about 40 times
  2. Put a piece of wool under the wound wool at the top and tie together. Then cut through the wool at the bottom.
  3. Scrunch up a ball of foil, and put the ball under the wool.
  4. Spread the strands of wool around the ball and tie up at the bottom.

Halloween Octopus

5. Next split the wool into 8 sections and starting plaiting! Tie each one in bow.

Halloween Octopus

6. Tie black ribbon around the neck, stick on the eyes and hey presto – you have a Halloween Octopus!

Halloween Octopus

I would say this is more of a mummy activity than a toddler one, but Tyler did help me stick the eyes on! Why don’t you have a go if you have some left-over wool?

Sabrina x


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