The London Riviera – just 2 weeks left!

Yesterday Tyler had the best day out in London, that I had to share it with you. We found the perfect area to let your toddler run around and go crazy, and it’s fine – loads of space! It’s the London Riviera, which is a crazy cross between Miami and the French Riviera by Tower Bridge and the River Thames. It’s so awesome, flamingos, neon coloured seats and loungers, palm trees  and 80s music blasting out. It’s been there all summer, but you’ll have to hurry if you want to see it now, as it’s only there until 31st October.

London Riviera

London Riviera

Our trip started off at Tower Hill station where we met my cousin, and outside the station was this ancient Roman wall with a play area and the biggest slide you’ll have ever seen. We were there a while!

London Riviera

After that we walked around the corner to St Katherine’s Dock where we saw lots of boats and had a natter in the Starbucks. I have to say this is the first Starbucks where Tyler has sat still for an hour, as it’s circular so he can see down and watch the coffees being made, or look out and see boats from all angles. It’s great!

Tower Bridge

We let Tyler lead the way after our catchup, and he took us across Tower Bridge and we ended up walking along the Thames. It’s so pretty seeing the London skyline. The whole area been done up recently with new paving and steps at different levels, that Tyler had the best time running and jumping around.

London skyline

And that’s where we found the London Riviera. It was like a party in the middle of London, with songs like Whitney’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ blasting out and this mysterious female voice shouting out things like ‘Buy one get one free on Bulmers after 4pm – come on!’ She was scary haha. It’s so colourful there, I really wish it was permanent.

London Riviera

They serve chips there, and so I asked Tyler if he wanted any. ‘YES!’ He does love his chips!

London Riviera - Saucy Chip

The stall is called ‘Saucy Chip’ and I got these for £4. It came really quickly and tasted so good. They’re triple cooked apparently. I loved the lampshapes they had there, really cool decor.

London Riviera - Saucy Chip

Next thing you know it was 4pm – where does the time go? The rugby came on, so we made a move 😛

London Riviera

Seriously, if you’re going into London over the 2 weeks, have a look at this place before if goes, it is sooo cool!

London Riviera, Queen’s Walk, More London, London SE1 2DB (next to City Hall, adjacent Tower Bridge)

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  1. You know what? I think we may have walked past this by Southbank, we saw something brightly coloured the other day and should have investigated!! Doh! #MondayEscapes Love the Flamingos!!


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