Halloween Craft with Bostik

This month I decided to join in with the Bostik Bloggers as I love crafting and Tyler’s at that age now where he’s more interesting in making things. We received a box of crafts from Tots100 and Bostik full of all sorts of craft goodies, all in an Autumn Halloween theme – very exciting! Now what were we to make with this?

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

We had felt, foam, wool, ribbons, buttons, plastic leaves, glitter pens, foam pads and tissue paper.

I started off making a Halloween octopus with the wool, for which I wrote a tutorial here.

And with the rest of the crafts, I decided to make a Halloween train for my train-obsessed boy. I cut up the foam into a steam train shape with 3 carriages. I asked Tyler if they looked like a train, and he said yes, he was oh so impressed 🙂

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

I cut holes in the sides and tied together with stripy piping. Then I chose 8 large buttons and we attached them to the train with the Bostik foam pads.

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

Next I cut the pumpkin ribbon into 4 and we squeezed Bostik glitter glue on to stick on to the train.

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

Then with the assembled train done, I attached it to the stripy ribbon with more foam pads so that it looked like a track. I then thought this would look cool as Halloween poster to stick on the wall. So I got a large white sheet and attached the train with PVA glue. I put the owl sticker on the front carriage as the driver.

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

We swirled more glitter glue pattern on the train and stuck buttons on. And I made a pumpkin with PVA glue and the orange tissue paper. I glued on leaves scattered about and wrote ‘Halloween’ with the glitter pen.

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

I cut a witch and a cat out of the felt, and made a witches hat out of black tissue paper, hair from wool and a dress from ribbon. I used foam pads to attach the ribbon dress so it was still floaty. For everything else I used PVA glue. I made the broomstick from the stripy piped and wool tied on.

The finished poster is on our living room wall now, and looks like this:

Halloween Craft Bostik Bloggers

Pretty cool, eh? What are you crafting for Halloween?

 Toddler Approved Tuesday

41 responses to “Halloween Craft with Bostik

  1. This looks like a fabulous activity. I really do love it and am really impressed. I think the animals add character and love the pumpkin. Angela x


  2. I’m so des-organised this year! Your post just reminded me that I haven’t even got a pumpkin to carve (and those bad boy always disappeared pretty quickly from the supermarket. I might pick one up during my lunch hour 😉


  3. I’m so glad I come across your post, I love all things Halloween, I’m actually in the midst of my Halloween feature and have been thinking of crafts me and my son can do together! I love the leaves especially, they add a brilliant touch to such a lovely piece of artwork! x


    • Thank you. I’m the same, I hardly ever did crafts with Tyler because of the mess, but now he’s 3, he’s getting more into doing these things. He really enjoyed it! xx


  4. This looks fab, and so much fun! I’m looking forward to doing more crafts with my boy when he’s a bit older. He’s also obsessed with trains so would love this!


  5. We don’t celebrate Halloween but this is an amazing crafts idea that I think we could apply to something else – will be adding a few things to our next shopping list I think!!


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