Kid-friendly Barbers in Slough, Berkshire

Getting Tyler’s hair cut is a nightmare. I used to cut it myself, but it always looked patchy. Tyler’s daddy started taking him to his local barbers from around 18 months. Tyler would sit on his daddy’s lap and the barber would snip away. He was a really old guy, and Tyler was fine with him. Then he retired! So I took him to the local women’s hairdressers in Slough, and he screamed and screamed. It was the worst experience ever! The woman was amazing, she still did the most amazing haircut. I though maybe he was unhappy because I took him instead of his dad. So next time his daddy took him and he was just as bad! My husband came back looking traumatised!

We thought, maybe it’s because it’s a hairdressers, maybe he only likes men cutting the hair. So they tried ‘Barbers Shop’ inside the Queensmere shopping centre in Slough. It was just as bad, screaming and tears. We started to dread getting his hair cut, so we just let it grow and grow, and this is how it was looking. A big mop on his head!

The Barber Shop Slough

Last week, we thought let’s brave it and do this together! So off we went to Barbers Shop. We waited in the waiting area, and I was talking to Tyler, showing him the men in front getting their haircut, look how fun it is. Tyler was watching them looking really interested. I made funny noises whenever the barber used the clipper so that Tyler laughed. He also kept saying ‘What a mess!’ whenever the hair fell to the ground.

Next it was my husband’s turn, so I swivelled Tyler around so he could watch his daddy get his hair cut. He looked interested. And then it was Tyler’s go. “Your turn” “NO! NOOO!!!” he started with the tantrum. I dragged him over to sit on his daddy’s lap and gave him his toy trains to hold. “I don’t wanna hold the trains!” – so I took them back. Tyler was sitting facing his daddy, and the barber put the cape around him.

The Barber Shop Slough

He wasn’t screaming or crying which was amazing, just kind of whimpering. The barber worked quickly and talked to Tyler in a soothing voice, little things like “It’s okay” and it seemed to work, he was quiet! He still looked really scared, but he was sat still and turned his head when the barber asked him too. A miracle!

The Barber Shop Slough

It didn’t take long, and about 5 minutes later, we had a boy with a snazzy new haircut.

The Barber Shop Slough The Barber Shop Slough

It cost £9 for each haircut (it’s the same for adults and children), and obviously we left a tip, so grateful were we for this non-traumatic experience. We know where we’ll be coming for Tyler’s haircut from now on – Barbers Shop, and only that barber with the cap too!

The Barbers Shop Slough

Barbers Shop
38a Queensmere Shopping Centre (opposite Debenhams), Slough
Tel: 01753 531 445

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11 responses to “Kid-friendly Barbers in Slough, Berkshire

  1. Oh, he looks so much older with his haircut, doesn’t he? My son is just the same, I think I traumatised him by chasing him round the house with paper scissor in an attempt to cut off his tangly mane! oops. #TwinklyTuesday


  2. We take my toddler to the Atlas Barbers on Stoke Road. he loves it, as there is a seat for children that is like sitting in a car – so he is so excited by the seat he barely notices that he’s getting his hair cut 🙂


    • Ahh brilliant, that’s down the road from us, we’ll try that one next time. The car seat sounds perfect – thanks for letting me know! 😀


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