The Siblings Project | June 2018

It’s a bumper edition of the Siblings Project for June, as it’s the last month that Tyler can say that he has a one-year-old sister! There have been many adventures, with the help of it being half term at the end of May.

Lily no longer calls Tyler ‘Dot’ (I knew it would be a short phase and I miss her calling him that. Now I call him ‘Dot’ to drag it out a bit!) Nowaways he is ‘Tata’ and they love playing together. I am always hearing squeals of laughter when they play ‘hide under the duvet’, and they jump and sing together to their new Peppa Pig Cinema Experience DVD – it is so adorable.

This past month, they have been to:

The Ickenham Miniature Railway


Windsor – the night before Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding


Cinema Trips to see Ferdinand, Sherlock Gnomes and Duck Duck Goosesiblings-j11

A trip to the Barber Shopsiblings-j10

Seeing a vintage bus at Tyler’s school


After school trips to Legoland


Playing outside at Nana’s house


And at Ajee’s house


Going on the new Elizabeth line train


I love this Legoland pic, as you can see the gap in Tyler’s teeth as he had lost his first tooth!


Train trips to Nana’s house


And trips to Black Park now that I’ve discovered the kid-friendly walking route


I mistakenly joked to them “It’s LIKE the seaside” as Tyler had wanted to go to a beach. They then decided to try to pick up stones to throw into the ‘sea’ – NO!!!siblings-j1

So that was May to June for Tyler and Lily. And in next months update, Lily will be 2 – ahhh!

Sabrina x

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