Week without Dada – Day 2

Our first night without Dada was alright after all, Tyler and I watched the X Factor final together in bed and then fell asleep, after I’d made sure the front door had the chain on and everything in the kitchen was switched off. In the morning we got ready for a little train adventure to my mother-in-law’s. Tyler packed his little backpack with his trains, Minion stickers and train books, saying “We’re going on holiday!”. He was so proud carrying the backpack on his back.


We had to get one train and two underground trains – very exciting stuff. Here’s us changing over at North Acton.


At my mother-in-law’s house, Tyler was happy. When he was asked “Where’s your daddy?”, Tyler said “He’s on a plane, high in the sky!” – so cute! He started the day eating these American vanilla flavoured crackers which he loves. And don’t worry, he wasn’t eating all those Oreos!


I left him with his Aunty Mindy upstairs while I headed off to see my friend on the other side of London. I quite enjoyed the journey as it wasn’t for work! I got to read my book, and then the second half of the journey I looked out of the window as it was a route I hadn’t taken before, so it was nice to see another side of London.

My friend’s baby is sooooooo cute. He’s 2 weeks old, so at that tiny, newborn size. Everything is cute, from the way he moves his arms to his cutie cry. I said I’d show you the outfit I got from Next yesterday, so here it is:


Cute or what?! I love baby clothes. I also got these Lamaze foot finders that Tyler loved at that age. I would put them on his feet, or put my hands in them to wave around and he’d follow them with his eyes.

My friend had YouTube on her phone playing this hair dryer video. It really works, totally calms the baby down. It’s so funny, there as so many hair dryer videos on YouTube! Now look at these cute feet…


Baby feet as so the best ahhh. I also have to share with you Tyler’s first ‘writing’ in the card. He had taken the pen off me, and I said “What are you drawing, the sun?” He said,”No, T for Tyler!”

Look at this, his first “T”s


And this looks like he’s tried to write his name!


So my friend has to keep this card FOREVER!

I had the best afternoon with her and the baby, to talk mummy stuff, hear her labour story (hers was awful – 4 days labour and then a c-section after all that – nightmare!), and to hold her little boy, I really love him ahhhh.

I got back to my mother-in-law’s to a very excited Tyler. He had a fab day watching Peppa Pig and right now he is pretending to be a crab. We’re staying over here, so I guess I’d better get him ready for bed!

Sabrina x 

4 responses to “Week without Dada – Day 2

    • It was alright! We’re lucky to have lots of family around so we’re not really alone. Tyler’s pretty excited that daddy’s on a plane, so your boy might like it when he realises! X


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