Week without Dada – Day 1

This morning my husband left at 7 in the morning to get on a plane to LA. He’s going there for a week for his new job, and it’s the first time we’ve been apart this long since we got married 6 years ago! So I thought I would pass the time by writing a blog post each day of what Tyler and I get up to without his dada.

This morning I took Tyler on the train to Windsor. It looked grim outside, but actually it wasn’t so cold. And of course the excitement of a train journey is the best!


We got there at 11.30am, and it was crazy busy already. Windsor is always busy with tourists and shoppers, no matter what time of year or time of day! Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Still we made our way through the crowds, Tyler splashing in puddles. There was one random Christmas market stall in the High Street, and the Christmas lights were up – I love how they have a purple crown for the lights in Windsor, it’s royal you know 😉 And Tyler is really fascinated by crowns since being seeing the Minions movie!


I’m visiting my friend tomorrow who’s just had a baby, so I wanted to buy a cutie outfit and card. It was really hard shopping with Tyler though, he just wanted to look at toys, or just not go where I wanted to go, so I’d have to pick him up – tiring! Even paying at the till is stressful as he always wanders off! Still, I found the cutest babygros and matching hats in Next. I’ll share the outfits with you tomorrow, just incase my friend is reading this!

We had a little drink break in Daniels, which we both needed. With our energy back, I let Tyler have a wander around the toys and I bought some greetings cards.


We made our way back to the station where there was a steel drum band playing. It was so nice to listen to, there were crowds of people watching, and toddlers dancing in circles. Tyler was mesmerised.


We were home soon after this, Tyler had some lunch and I put the Minions movie on for him, while I had some leftover lamb biryani that my mum had made and watched Sleepless in Seattle in the other room. I’d never seen it before, but I’m glad I have now, it’s lovely 🙂

So that’s our Day 1 without Dada. Let’s see how Day 2 goes tomorrow!

Sabrina x



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