Making Christmas Gift Tags #bostikbloggers

It’s the last of my #bostikbloggers posts, and this month we got sent all sorts of festive themed crafty bits – card, paper, ribbon, string, jewels, as well as Blu Tak glitter pens and a fine & wide glu pen.


I didn’t know where to start so I put it all on Tyler’s craft table and set to putting out the washing while I thought about it. Meanwhile, Tyler just got stuck in while I wasn’t looking!


He was squeezing out the blue glitter glue and sticking jewels and leaves on, all without any help from me. I was well impressed with his creativity!


Then I had a brainwave – we need gift tags for all the Christmas presents, why don’t I make some with the beautiful patterned paper and string?! I cut the paper into rectangles and glued on to gold card with the fine & wide glue pen.


Then I cut the card into rectangles, and put a holepunch in. I cut the string into lengths, tied a knot and threaded through the hole. I did the same with the tree patterned paper too, and glued on a jewel to each.


As for Tyler’s masterpiece, I wrote on ‘Merry Christmas’ to make it the coolest, abstract card ever 😉


One thing I’ve learnt from today’s crafting – just leave the toddlers to it!

Sabrina x


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