Week without Dada – Day 3

This morning we woke up in Dada’s old bedroom at my mother-in-law’s house. The Central Line runs literally right outside the bedroom window here, so when Tyler woke, the first thing he said was “Hooray it’s morning! Can we go on the train now?” Agh too early, I stuck Peppa on the TV instead.


I left him for an hour or two while I did a quick Christmas shop. I was well proud of myself, I got loads of pressies, and it was such a nice feeling buying presents for other people instead of stuff for myself. Can’t wait to give them.

Back at my mother-in-law’s, Tyler had his toys all over the floor.


Tyler’s great granddad is really ill. He’s pretty much bed-bound on the bed downstairs. When Tyler is happy, he gets really loud, so we were like “Shhh” But his great granddad said “He has a beautiful voice. I could listen to his voice all night” That really touched me, that having Tyler around is something positive. I felt so bad when we had to leave, but I wanted to miss rush hour on the trains.

We made our way to the station, passing the Christmas trees at the fruit and veg shop. I love seeing them.


When we got home, we did a bit of crafting for our #bostikbloggers post, for which I made Christmas gift tags.


Now Tyler is asleep, and I’m watching Holby City – that’s been my Tuesday telly night for over 10 years 😀 My husband texted me that it’s lunch time in LA and they are having pizza. And he just tried Salted Caramel Coffee Monster Energy drink – only in the US!

Sabrina x


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